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  1. Has anyone used polyurea from RVROOF.COM? It looks great, just curious. DJ
  2. Herman, those are not ac covers, they are vent covers. The previous owner had them painted to match the coach and they are starting to peel.

    Falling Headliner

    Where did you get the “how to” instructions? I have an 04 Vectra and the headliner is falling. I took a panel down and cleaned the old foam off the wood. Did you spray the glue on, roll it? Just curious. What technique did you use to smoothly put the new material up with? Paint roller, squeegee? Thanks DJ
  4. Thanks everyone. We are going to have a temporary fix put on so we can get somewhere for a permanent one. I am leaning on having the entire roof replaced.
  5. So, we were headed to Glacier National from Great Falls today. The wind was howling and about 30 miles in the rear portion of our roof blew off! it ripped the fiberglass and tore about a quarter of the roof off. We have it back in great falls. In my mind the proper fix is to have the whole roof replaced. We are in week one of a 5 week trip. Suggestions on a temp fix? DJ 2004 Winnebago Vectra
  6. OK, we have been Rving for 2 years now. My wife and I bought a 2004 Winnebago VectraKD (used so not to get too much money sunk into this to see if we like it). We are fast approaching retirement and have a desire to travel across this great land and one day go all the way to Alaska. Now, since I have owned my coach I have spent tons on repairs (slideouts sequencing valve, HWH Board, entire guts of Norcold refrigerator, and it goes on). I just had it serviced and drove it 160 miles and it ran like a champ! Camped for a long weekend and all was well. Went to come home and the engine would not fire off. So now it's at the cumin's dealer with a fried ECM and wiring harness. Now buying a used coach I expected to have to do a lot of this, but when is enough. I am at the point that I just don't have any confidence in the coach. We love traveling and when the coach works we absolutely love it... Advice, thoughts, (donations, just kidding!) DJ
  7. UPDATE...well, after sending my control panel and keyboard to HWH for repair, I received the items back and reinstalled them on my coach (2004 Vectra 40KD). Now my airbags and leveling jacks are back in action. I still have an issue with my big slide out in the living room. When I try and put it out it goes about half way and starts to jam. The far end (to the rear of the coach) stops and the front keeps going, thus, jamming. I stopped it and tried it several times with the same results. I crawled under the coach with the slide out in the out position to the point where it sticks. I cannot see anything. Any thoughts? Yes the coach sits level... Thanks DJ P.S. HWH was great! Thanks Herman!
  8. Will do! Thanks Herman... DJ
  9. Update, I had an RV mechanic troubleshoot the issue. On the 2004 Vectra (40KD model) the hydraulic solenoids and control box for the jacks and slideouts and airbags are located in the right front of the coach under the middle step and front end. We had the HWH tech rep on the phone as we worked through all the lights that were on (or not). After much conversation, it looks like e control board for the HWH system went out. We figured out how to actuate the slide outs and inflate the airbags through workarounds. Made the best of the vacation and will now get it issues fixed at home. Will provide further info as I get more data... DJ
  10. HELP, I have a 2004 Winnebago Vectra. Our slideout came in partially and stopped. The HWH system will not turn on. My manual tells me there is a fuse panel for it somewhere. I cannot find the panel to check the fuse? Any help would be appreciated! On the road and broke! Don Johnson
  11. Thanks Brett, when the air bags are inflated everything looks normal with even spacing. Newbie and just trying to learn... DJ
  12. I have a 2004 Winnebago Vectra, when I let the air out of the air bags and the coach settles down, the right wheels have about 1 inch of clearance from the fiberglass on the coach. the Left wheels actually make contact with the fiberglass. Is this normal? Don Johnson


    Thanks for the info! DJ
  14. I am looking at buying a used KVH tracvisionSL4 system. Does anybody have any experience with this system? Good or bad? Just curious what I may get into installing and using. Thanks DJ 2004 Vectra
  15. RESULTS! After reading tons of RV forums it appeared that I had a bad check valve on the backside of my hot water heater. I crawled under the coach and thank goodness Winnebago thought to put an 8x12 access panel under the coach. I took it off and sure enough had access to the back of the hot water heater. From there (after turning off the circuit breaker and ensuring the water pump was off) I drained the hot water heater and took the check valve off the back of the hot water heater. got a new check valve at local cullem/maxey dealer (camping World did not have any in stock) and put it in. The job would have only taken about an hour, just took time running around finding the right part. Thanks everyone for the input and help!!! Don Johnson 2004 Winnebago Vectra 40KD
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