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  1. I don't really need the idiot lights since I don't run off battery power often. The reading was with the shore line plugged in though so it is reading a little low. The reading at the battery is 13.5 volts.
  2. It doesn't have a brand on it. It is just in the control panel under the microwave. There is a rocker switch that says "test" with two white wires. The white wires hook into the circuit board along with a red that is picked up from a white with red stripe going to the pump switch. There is a plug on the other end, but I am unsure of which wire is which.
  3. Ok guys, this is what I have found so far- at the battery, the converter, and wires leading to the monitor I have just over 13 volts. The faulty Magnetek converter must have messed it up. I believe it was working correctly when I brought it home, but now it just lights up the lowest light (<9 volts). Now my question is does this affect any other equipment?
  4. Ok I picked up a volt meter this evening. Its pouring rain tonight, so I plan on looking into things in the morning
  5. Will have to try to pick up one in the next couple days. Was hoping to find if this was a common problem or if there was a way to narrow down where to look.I will let you know what I find
  6. I have a 1994 Winnebago Chieftain. I just recently purchased it and am working through the bugs. The Magnetek converter was bad when I got it and was frying my batteries. I don't have a volt meter available to know what level it was charging at. It did cause a fuse to blow in my refrigerator as well as burn up the eyebrow circuit board. I have upgraded the converter and all seems to be working well, except the coach battery charge indicator is showing less than 9 volts (lowest reading) even with a new battery. Everything seems to work well on battery power, Any ideas? do you think the converter fried the monitor? Any help is appreciated.
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