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  1. Just for completeness I'll add to this topic. Karma-Go became a bait and switch scheme. They first sent an email to all NEVERSTOP users saying unlimited internet was unsustainable because people were using it in an unlimited fashion. They changed it to 15GB per month for $50. Most of us kept the device because that is still reasonable for a limited plan. Next they sent an email saying everyone is being switched to a limited plan that is about twice as expensive a s NEVERSTOP. Mine is going back at the end of this month.
  2. A bit of an old topic, but I got a Karma Go two days ago. I have the $50/mo unlimited plan. I really like it. I have Sprint as my phone carrier because it is the best price of the major carriers and it actually has signal at my house (so I cut off my home phone). I believe the Karma go will also work with sprint 3G, so the coverage area is not as bad as people would have you believe. There was some recent controversy as Karma has starting reducing speeds to 1.25 MBps up and down, as opposed to 5 MBps up and down originally advertised. In the same email explaining the new reduced speeds, the included a "return my karma go" link. I will be keeping mine for now. My cell phone bill was $450 last month because we went way over on our data plan. Now, with the unlimited data plan on karma go, I can carry the device in my pocket and supply myself and DW all the time. Montyhp
  3. USAA gave me the best rates (4.24) and progressive (USAA) gave me the best insurance rate.
  4. I am in the process of buying a Class A DP. I too got the advice about renting before we buy. I think that is sound advice if you can rent a unit that is very close to the unit you will purchase. I did not choose to rent for several reasons: 1. We have owned a travel trailer, so we know we like camping. We know we want to travel numerous weekends (Senior son may play college football for a college that has most of their games within 400-500 miles) and two long trips per year (In laws 2000 miles away and we need to see them at least once a year). And we know we want to travel much more in a few years when we retire. 2. Renting a DP is difficult in our area and expensive (~$5000/week), and may have to pick up two states away. Renting a class C is not the same experience as renting a DP. I would say the travel trailer compares to the DP about as well as the Class C would compare to the DP. Also, renting doesn't give you any idea about the most problematic issue with any RV, upkeep and maintenance. 3. Looking at 5-10 year old used units so I think It will hold its value fairly well. 4. Have driven numerous fire trucks, including Mid Engine diesel engine with cab over the axles, just like a DP. Also, Freightliner chassis with Allison transmissions. So I think the driving experience will not be a shock to me. Just my 2cents, please discuss. Monty
  5. Well not good news, the Cat technician found numerous fault codes in the engine, in some cases the buffer was full (256 instances). He said he would need to dig into it more but it may be a transmission issue. Needless to say I will continue to look. Thanks for the advice, I am glad I followed it.
  6. So I talked to Cat today and gave them the engine number. They said engine is mid 2006 and is pre emission controls. Also said that their only other record is a mileage of 15746 in 2008. so roughly 1/2 the miles in the 1st 2 years. That is probably pretty common. Tomorrow a Cat engine tech is going to pull the codes and sample the oil, then a chassis tech and an RV tech are going to go over it.
  7. Thanks Carl, unit has 33,000 miles, so not too low. It is hard to tell if that mileage was put on all at once or over the life of the coach. One clue is the auto check report which shows it was registered every year. My two main concerns are the condition of the Cat C7 engine, I know some of those engines had issues, and the condition of the large slide. I think professional inspection and extended warranty can help protect me against expensive failures.
  8. I have been patiently looking at DP motor homes for a good used deal. We will be empty nesters when our youngest leaves for college next fall. Our plan is to take numerous weekend trips and one or two week long trips each year until retirement. I like to be very patient and look for just the right deal. I have come across a 2007 Bounder 38V that looks immaculate. It has a 300HP Cat C7 and the full wall slide. I will have professional inspections of the coach and chassis. I know those types of inspections are limited to finding existing problems. I like the coach because it is very roomy, very clean, and can tow up to 10,000 lbs (subject to GCWR and GAWR limitations). It looks like a great deal. My better half liked the floor plan, also. Does anyone have experience with this or similar unit? Looking for both good and bad experiences. Thank you Monty
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