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  1. Talking to several people who have had same problem or know of someone...the more people that spread the word the better.. Cummins knows of the problem and it appears to be 2009 is the worst... Bad head design..I just had my Monaco Exec isx 650 break a valve in #6 ....having a complete recon motor put in... Total bill will be over $50,000.00...I am NOT done with Cummins... I own a trucking company and am spreading the word to some big operators ...let me know if anyone has had any luck with Cummins.. Mine had 15000 miles but was out of warranty because it is a 2009!
  2. Just dropped valve in my 2009 Monaco exec with 650 ISX ...not under warranty with only 15000 miles..did you get any where with Cummins? Towed to Rocky Mountain Cummins
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