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  1. An actual fix to the GPS Problem? We own a 2014 Born Free "Freedom" with this Riverpark Infotainment center model XSG2NA-X1. The unit JUST lost its GPS this season. It started out being flaky, with finding the signal, then not. The Rand McNally software also acted up with frozen screens. The first attempt at a fix was to remove the SD card used by Rand McNally and repairing it using Rand's downloadable software. It takes a long time, but it did find over 40 files that needed to be repaired. After the repair, the doggone GPS was still not able to be found, although the software worked fine....... So, I just called RiverPark and told them about this FMCA discussion with others experiencing the same issue. They say that the GPS unit itself (the small external antenna that picks up the signal) has gone bad and that it needs to be replaced. Its really a simple job to replace it. I will follow up on this post and let everyone know if that was the actual problem or not.
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