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    HELLO.I may be a newbee as far as F,M.C.A. ratings are,but I am far from being done or even started. With my racing Speedway bikes and Flat track,and my Harley D.,I have been doing this since the 70's,In Tents to Vans to Class 'C' to now a 'A',From Alaska to across Canada, and of course the great U.S.A.,and as-long as I can go. I will always be on the road and just to remember the good times you had behind you and keep looking forward to the next bend in the road. You just never know what is there!
  1. Hello.. have a gas Class A Winnebago 35' w/ a 454 workhorse chassis and ..too slow up hills and so much harder to work on (acceptability to working on them ..like the old days... can't work all the time on your belly.. We all can fix it ...but can't get to it. I am now looking for a new coach and will be diesel pusher and at least 500 hp ...you and the coach will not look at A HILL and down shift 3 times prior to the hill and you will get there, see you at the top in 2017 w/ new or used diesel pusher.
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