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  1. Quality is an interesting subject. If a company gets it right 99% of the time you would think that was good right? If aircraft mechanics did that planes would be falling out of the sky every day. In a year that would represent 3 days of work done wrong. The odds are you would not be the one with the problem, but there would still be a lot of them out there. The reality is that nobody is perfect. But if you are doing a good job then problems are few, far between and quickly handled. When I went to CW to check out their store I asked their service guy a pretty simple question about getting something done. His answer told me that he had no idea how they would perform the task and that some installer would be making it up as they went along. Now I understand that with custom work everything is unique, but if you don't have a process in place to sort things out in advance you are going to get into a mess. For most shops that means that at a minimum you have someone with the knowledge and authority to say "no we can't do that", for whatever valid reason.
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