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  1. Thanks Bruce, Ian, and Bill for your assist. It's looking like Camping Transit will be the place for us. Regards Tom K
  2. My wife and I are planning an August 2020 trip through Quebec, Montreal, Toronto and maybe Ottawa. This will be our first time in our 40’ class A. As these are large cities my concerns are avoiding the large city centers by finding RV parks close to but out of the city, if possible. Any travel advice in this area is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. Tom K
  3. Thanks to all who replied. I will definitely double-check for the proper tire pressure for my load. I hadn't considered what effect the load might have on the alignment either. TK
  4. Tire pressure is set to the manufacturers specs of no more than 120 cold psi. Haven't checked alignment as it is only 7-8 months old. Its a Thor Tuscany 40DX--diesel pusher. Thanks
  5. My coach is new this year with 10,300 miles. It has a Freightliner XC-R chassis. On highways I encounter frequent "drift" that is worse when being passed or on uneven road surfaces. I also frequently monitor my tire pressure to proper specs. I am considering adding a steering stabilizer though the factory rep said it should not be needed. My dealer service rep has recommended a rear anti-sway bar. I don't know enough about this as it is my first Class A coach. I am confused as to whether either of these 2 fixes are worth the investment. Any input is appreciated. Thanks Tom K
  6. Thanks Obedb, We will give it a shot heading west out out Port Angeles. Tom
  7. Thanks all for your responses. Does anyone have specific info regarding size restrictions on the 101 from Port Angeles over towards Aberdeen?
  8. We will be heading up to Olympic National Park within the next 7-10 days and hope to get a spot at the Salt Creek Rec Area near Port Angeles. We are traveling in a 40" Tuscany with a Jeep Wrangler. I understand that traveling through the park is not an option with the coach but hope to tour the perimeter on hwy 101. Any info on whether this is advisable is appreciated. I'm not sure but expect to do this in a counter-clockwise manner if passable. Thanks for any and all suggestions. Tom K
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