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  1. Teton Pass on WY-22 between Idaho and Wyoming is 10% grade for over 7 miles. Barely made it to the top last week on way to Jackson Hole.
  2. I am getting ready to change out my six 6V flooded cells (660AH/330AH usable) for four 12V 100AH LiFePO4 batteries with smart logic. As stated in other posts, the newer LiFePO4 (Lithium iron phosphate) batteries are far more safe than true Lithium-Ion batteries. I am changing batteries and adding solar for three reasons; reduction in battery weight on steer axle, higher usable battery capacity and no maintenance. We use our MH home at a number of softball tournaments for my daughter, so boondocking will be quite frequent. The solar gives us the ability to get a recharge during the sunny part of the day while we are at the fields and not using the coach. We have AGS, but sometimes genny restrictions preclude us from using it at opportune times. We want to be smart about our power usage, but don't want to have to conserve to the point of not enjoying our MH. I will be having two Hyundai 260W panels installed. These panels include the ability to "compensate" for partial shading of the panels without the traditional loss of charging power of normal panels. They are one of the top rated manufacturers of this technology in the world. I also want to be cognizant of the use of fossil fuels while I am boondocking. I am not an extremist, but I do want to do my part for Mother Earth. I understand there will be an elongated return on my investment, but I also know that it gives me the capability to camp when and where I want without the imminent fear of running out of power without shore power or genny. The price the OP was quoted appears to be inline with quotes I have received. Good luck with your installation.
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