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  1. For information.  I installed a Haier 10 cu ft residential refrigerator.  I bought it from Lowes and was told it would work in a motorhome.  After 3 months of use the compressor failed.  I called the factory and was told that there is no warranty because it was installed in a rv.  I had called them when I was installing it to see if I could disable the auto defrost so it wouldn't use so much current.  They said no, but they never said that I couldn't use it in an rv.  Fortunately they record all calls to the factory because when I told them to look it up they agreed to cover it under warranty. They are going to credit Lowes for a new one and hopefully I will get my money back.  I have done some research on other brands and have in writing that they will cover their refrigerators in a motorhome.

  2. We did Alaska in 2001.  Cruised the inside passage first out of Vancouver then went north in the motorhome.  Ran the full length of the Alcan highway  Went to Fairbanks down to Homer, up through Chicken and out. Saw most of the sites in between.  Spent 6 weeks, could have been a bit longer but had to get my daughter married in Portland Or in Aug.

  3. Sounds like a good system.  The only thing I would have done different would the to use a mppt charge controller because they are reported to be 98% efficient vs 60% or so for the other.  Where that will come into play is on partly sunny days.  I installed a 600 watt system, Renology panels and their mppt controller and the remote panel.  Total cost was less than $1000.  I have 6 AGM golf cart batteries and a Xantrex 3000 watt inverter/charger and a residential refrigerator.  As long as the sun is shinning I'm good to go!




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