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  1. I looked at the Michelin / Continental pricing thru FMCA , and after the us$ and duty and tax plus the us tax , it is cheaper to buy them in Canada at full pop , I did purchase Bridgestone 283A for a decent price , gives us 5 years until I need another set , ...the phone deal does not work in Canada , and I have not found any campground in Canada that offers a discount for camping , most have not even heard of FMCA ,.... and a friend has a towing company , and would prefer to take AMA (associated with AAA) for tow , as he gets paid 3x faster , ….when we travel in the USA for winter we can access more perks , but camping discounts have not been better than what we already have , so no benefit so far , did attend the rally in Indio this year and had a great time , met lots of people , and enjoyed the show The 182 day cut for us allowed in the USA is misleading , as it is a formula of 1/ 3 of the days from last year , and 1/6 0f the days from the year before , and that total is subtracted from the total of 182 days , leaving about 120 days (4 months) when we have about 6-7 months of winter , we have to leave winterized and winterize before we return , either way we take our MH from Alberta to B.C. in late September to beat the chain up over mountain passes , and store in Vancouver until we are ready to leave . We are leaving in February this winter and returning in May , and hope to find a rally between Texas and Washington in that time period Bev and Allen Cunningham F475668 , 1999 American Coach Tradition 40TVS , Cummins 8.3 Alberta , Canada
  2. I am on linked in , and I get requests to add all the time from totally off the wall members just trying to get more numbers , and from industries way off from my own , or financial gurus trying to sell me something. I don't find linked in useful at all.
  3. I have used my phone as a hotspot for many hours at a time with no damage
  4. My 99 Tradition cost $33,000 , 2 years ago. It needed ball joints and tie rod ends at 53,000 miles because of faulty boots. Make sure you check this , they are very expensive. I did all the brakes and the front brgs as well.
  5. Our 40 ft Tradition, with 330 hp Cummins, 3000 trans , 295 75 22.5 Toyo tires, traveling light, avg speed, gen running 50% of the time55 mph got 10.8 mpg. At 60 mph got 10.6 mpg on trip from Detroit to Jasper, Alberta.
  6. when traveling in another country , shut off mobile data , so you don't incur roaming charges
  7. 7 years is the usual time most say to change tires , brand is a tough one , I have Toyo's and am quite happy with them
  8. we have plank snap lock , if we get tired of it , I would put in vinyl tile
  9. why would you need all of the ac units on at the same time , in your yard , I plug mine in to 20 amp and have not had a problem , fridge on to pre cool and front ac to cool off coach to drive , ac only needs to be on for an hour to cool , fridge over night
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    I have 295 r 75 22.5 Toyo on my Tradition now , they are 7 years old and look perfect , I am looking for new as well
  11. we will be traveling in our 40 ft Tradition , pulling a Spark on a dolly , starting Dec 3 , Dec in Portland , Dec 6 in redwoods , Dec 9 in Monterey
  12. safeway started out , owned by the Nuns of the Quebec Catholics, there are many store , at least one in every town, Iga , Safeway , All Canadian Superstore < Presidents Choice and a slug of others Allen and Bev Alberta , Canada 99 Tradition 40TVS and I know this was posted long ago , but I am helping future travelers
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    Consumer Alert

    phone corporate affairs , and ask for findings of the investigation , if they have none , phone the Canadian ombudsman I am a canadian Allen and Bev 99American Tradition 40TVS Alberta
  14. AT&T has a device called a mobley that costs $20 a month for 20 gig a month
  15. we visited Yellowstone last year and found parking at pullouts at most spots , do no take tower road , I did , and a porche would be tricky there , steep hills , narrow roads , big drop offs and stupid people 99 American Tradition TVS40 Bev and Allen Alberta
  16. My 1999 American Tradition 40TVS retailed for $287,647 New one 2016, $546,000
  17. My ISC 8.3 ltr 330 hp Cummins and 3060 6 spd Allison , 27,000 lbs 40 ft single axle with 295 x 75 x 22.5 Toyo`s get 10.4 mpg at 60 @ 1650 rpm , and 10.8 at 55 @ 1475 rpm in 6th gear. Doesn`t matter if economy mode or not. Was measured early September for a week and ran the gen 4 hrs a day (about 2 gal day)-- Detroit to Jasper, Alberta, 2500 miles, lots of flats, some big hills in South Dakota , Montana Bev and Allen 99 AC 40TVS
  18. My first guess is the tires are cracked between the treads and backside of tire, the part that never gets cleaned and considering 40k mileage on them have paid for themselves. A wider tire will not help fuel mileage as there is more tread on the ground and more friction, but a taller tire would help as it would bring rpm down, 2100 seems quite high , 60 mph on my 275 x 75 x 22.5 are 1650 which are 5 years old Toyo tires that I will replace in 2 years before we go on our full time trip and I would go with 80`s or 85`s next tire change to reduce RPM , I have been researching Bridgestone tires but the Toyos`s have been good , and substantially cheaper than Michelin. Please change all of them and sell the old ones to your trucker family to run off the tread on their trailers to help recoup a little.
  19. We have a 1999 40 ft American Tradition 40TVS with 330 hp 8.3 ISC Cummins, 6 spd 3060 Allison trans, 7500 watt quiet generator single rear axle weighing in at 27,500 lbs, 295 x 75 x 22.5 Toyo tires. On our trip from Detroit to Jasper National Park , 2500 miles, we got 10.8 mpg @55 mph (1475 rpm) and 10.4@60 mph (1650 rpm) and with the generator running an avg of 4 hrs a day, a couple of times got it up to 75 mph down hills , no slower than 45 mph up hills, no major mountain passes and normal cool down and warm up. No toad and dash AC on 90% of the time, bought cheap fuel with lots of foam, took an hour to fill up at one station, 25 cents a pull. We were full of water leaving Detroit and dumped once on the trip . I was quite happy with this as my GAS 34 ft Georgie boy gets 8.8 @ 55 at the very best across the plains (west to east downhill ) and the ride was much smoother and quieter and the 40 ft is 10,000 lbs heavier.
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