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  1. We cannot find the solenoid on our 2002 Monaco Windsor. where is it we have no power to our ignition switch it started then cut off and no gauges light up we have 12v everywhere though,

    1. huffypuff



      I have similar unit so yours might be the same.  Look in the left front compartment in front of the left front wheel.  Remove the big plastic panel wingnuts and panel.  On the back side of the panel there is a diagram and ledger of locations.  there should be relays in there for both the chassis and house circuits.  

      If that fails you need to call Monaco tomorrow.  

    2. SherryCasteen


      Thanks for the response. We have owned this 1 month. I called the person we bought it from a very nice man. He never had this problem. It has a new starter as well as all batteries are fine. Has anyone else had this problem. When we turn the key on the only light that lights up is the step light indicating the step is out. but nothing else. I read about by passing a solenoid, is there a reset button or an order of switching the switches on and off and then restarting


    3. SherryCasteen


      HuffyPuff, no solonoid there just relays and fuses. Thanks again


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