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  1. Hi Everyone, We are traveling through Florida and will be heading back to Texas soon. We are looking for an RV Park/Resort to stay a week. My wife likes the water and I like to play golf, so I am searching for a nice place that may have both. Any thoughts or recommendations? Thanks in advance for any help. Kirby and Marilyn Dixon 2000 American Eagle and Jeep
  2. You guys are really great! Thanks for all of the info! Being new to RVing, it is great to have a lot of folks to lean on! Thanks, Kirby and Marilyn Dixon
  3. Hello Everyone, My wife and I will be taking our first RV trip in a few weeks. We are picking up our new to us RV in the Los Angeles area and will be driving across country to Melbourne, Florida. I have been doing a bit or research regarding spots to stop, places to see etc. On this first trip, I would definitely like to avoid snow, sleet, ice, etc. Clearly a bad time of year to try it,, but I thought if we just paid attention to forecast and stayed as far south as possible, it would be OK. If anyone has recommendations as to good places for overnight stops or up to a week at a time stops to see places they have been and enjoyed, we would appreciate the info! Thanks, Kirby and Marilyn Dixon 2000 American Eagle 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  4. Hi, We are considering storing our RV near Houston,Tx when we are not using it. We believe we would like it to be inside versus covered. It is a bit larger at 40ft, so we will need a large space. Does anyone have a recommendation of facilities they are aware of or have used. Also, it doesn't have to be in the Houston area, that is just the area we felt may be best for us. Thanks, Kirby and Marilyn Dixon 2000 American Eagle 2014 Grand Cherokee
  5. Hi, We are new to FMCA and RV'ing in general. We also have a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit that we would like to tow behind our new to us RV. I dont trust myself enough to take the front end off of our Jeep! Does anyone have recommendations as to a good place (hopefully California), to get a complete tow set up and installation? Thanks in Advance for any advice! Kirby And Marilyn Dixon 2000 American Eagle and Jeep
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