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  1. Hello all! New to this site but after reading about the Cherokee "Death Wobble" problem I became real interested in joining in on the discussion. This last November I bought a 2015 Cherokee Limited (Active Drive II) with plans to flat tow behind our MH. Have since purchased all the Roadmaster gear to install on the Cherokee but have decided to wait until I have any info regarding a fix for this problem. Honestly, loosing control of my MH while towing the Cherokee scares the !%X? out of me! Chrysler says that they are aware of the possible problem but that I would need to start with the Jeep dealer for their diagnostics on my problem. I explained to Chrysler that there will not be a problem to diagnose unless the conditions for the wobble are encountered. They said nothing they can do without dealer input. I called the dealer I bought the vehicle form and spoke with the service manager. He told me that he was unaware of the problem but would investigate and get back to me. Yesterday I called Roadmaster to see what they knew about the problem, after all they manufacture and sell tow gear for the Cherokee and could be liable for an accident as a result of towing. I was told by Roadmaster Technical Support that Chrysler has been working on a fix for about eight months now with no solution. Before I sell or trade-in this Cherokee with all of 550 miles on it has anyone received an update from Chrysler on a fix? Thanks in advance for any input.
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