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  1. Travel net system. It's AMAZING!!! We bought the internet only and will get the phone service at the end of the year 2010. I used my IPOD and my laptop and no matter where we were, tunnel, tree lined roads, at the coast or the middle of nowhere...It worked. It has great speed and is always on. A lot of folks want an air card? no way. It's slow and with Travelnet you can have several systems on at the same time. I am truly impressed and only wish we had done it sooner. No setting up dishes just log on to your laptop, and there you are. We have Verizon and there is fantastic coverage. Customer service is also a good reason to try it. Knowledgeable and patient to get you up and running. You pay the same rate that air card costs I believe. $59.99 a month is what ours costs. Don't know about Sprint as Verizon was just our preference. All I can say is the initial dollar output is worth it. We used Hughes's net at our house, and it stinks as far as I'm concerned. We have had nothing but problems even with the new 9000 system. No phone cell service either. We are in forest land and very isolated for service. I didn't think that the Travel net was going to work either, and I was really shocked. IT WORKED, and it worked perfectly. Well, that is my story on Travelnet. I hope it helps save others from internet woes. We love it, What's not to love? it just plain works.
  2. Hi there! We are new in FMCA and I want to know if anyone has information or experience with the Winegard Travelnet? I am looking to buy and try but know of no one who has used it or has personal information on the unit. I would love to hear from anyone that knows something about it. Thanks, Glo
  3. This is Christal, our Puggle and she is always dressed for travel! This is Sophie and she doesn't want to be left behind.
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