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  1. Thank you. Will check them out.
  2. Yep, we have already passed on a few. Shocking how many high end used motor homes have issues. I guess I’m picky, but surprised how they weren’t taken care of and maintained. We have only bought new in the past. New ones have their issues, too, though.
  3. Yes, mushy. I think we will pass on this one. Kind of bummed thought this might be the DP for us. Thanks for the responses! Very kind of you all.
  4. Husband pushed on it and it felt like air.
  5. Hmmm....could be. Very strange.
  6. We are looking at a 2008 Monaco Knight that we like a lot, except after looking at the roof, the fiberglass has three roof ripples. What would cause this and is it an issue? This may just be a deal killer, unfortunately. We have had a fiberglass roof on a Tiffin and never had an issue like this.
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