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  1. Golohre

    Ignition Problem

    anyone has an electrical problem in the Columbia, MO. area, the go to place is PCS Electronics. I was towed into Pcs Electronics by I-70 Towing and Recovery from the local Freightliner shop which seemed to have no answer on a fix. The fuse block was obsolete and no part could be found. I had to do the search. The repair took two days.
  2. Golohre

    Ignition Problem

    Only a few wires are damaged. A work around from the damaged wires to built a new fuse block is possible. I am trying to find a salvage yard replacement.
  3. Golohre

    Ignition Problem

    Gordon here in the Columbia, MO. Freightliner shop: the aforementioned problem turned out to be the chassis fuse box in the dash area. The exterior of the box melted along with adjacent wiring. The solution is uncertain. I been told that Freightliner no longer has replacement parts. I am now looking at RV Salvage shops with little success. Any suggestions would be appreciated/
  4. Golohre

    Ignition Problem

    Traveling with cruise control on and ABS alert light appeared momentarily followed by a puff of burnt smoke from dash vent. Turned cruise control off, checked brakes which were operational. Drove to RV park and discovered the engine would not turn off even with the key removed. Engine stopped by removing Battery cables. Freightliner custom chassis, ISB 5.9 300 hp / 2001 Allegro Bay Pusher Tiffin. Any thoughts?
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