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  1. Best thing you could do is get your Motor Home To factory service center in Indiana. Make appointment and take it to factory! Do your self a favor and get away from General RV Dover Fl. They will jack you along till warranty runs out! Good luck. To bad Monaco/Holiday Rambler are not even close to quality they once where
  2. Thanks for the replies the charger is a Magnum Energy MS2812 2800 Watt 125A pure sine wave Inverter/charger. Seems to me it should be heavy duty enough to handle total electric Motor Home. Yes it did catch fire the dealer had to use fire extinguishers to put it out. Thanks goodness they seen smoke coming out of compartment! Left message with Holiday Rambler have not heard back from them yet
  3. Just bought November 2015 a 2016 holiday rambler Scepter. List price was $363,000.00. This is a piece of junk!!!!! So many problems you would think the people at the company would not be able to sleep at night producing crap like this. I had a 2002 Monaco Diplomat and never ever hardly had a problem with the coach. Rev corp or Allied who ever owns Monaco now should be ashamed for ruining a fine product like Monaco/Holiday Rambler. The biggest thing that ever went wrong in my 2002 was motor on auto front door step quit working. Going to try and sale my coach if it ever gets out of shop long enough and start all over! Please anyone reading this do not buy a new Monaco/Holiday Rambler product because they aren't close to the Quality the older ones where!
  4. Got call from RV shop that while my 2016 Holiday Rambler Scepter model 43sf was in there service bay that the Magnum Inverter caught on fire! Dealer stated they didn't even have the Motor Home plugged in. I know Inverters are pretty much Bullet Proof and in 30 years of owning Motor Homes I never had or heard of this happening. Any comments will be appreciated.
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