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  1. Thanks to everyone for your advice. I now have everything working as desired: satellite to all three TVs, can change channels from anywhere and have surround-sound for both TV and DVDs. Picture is great, thanks again to all of you for your suggestions.
  2. I'm not opposed to having a box at each location, but since I already have coax to both locations (one cable) and a distribution box which allows me to change the input from the CD player, tv antenna, and a spot for a satelite. I think I'll try the splitter first, then if that doesn't work, I'll look at possibly using the Genie system. Thank you both for you suggestions. I'll let you know how things work out. Newbie
  3. I do have the splitter and will give it a try, thanks for the direction. I'll get back on couple of weeks and let you know how it worked out. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Looking for Ideas, I'm a brand new FMCA member getting ready to hit the road in May for a year on the road in my 2004 Monaco and need some ideas. I've recently updated my satellite to the the newest Winegard SWM dish and switched out the old flat screen Sonys for some Samsung 720p LEDs. I've confirmed that the signal to the front TV works and the picture is exceptional, everything seems to work just fine. The next step is to deal with the old coax distribution box to get the signal to the outside TV and the TV in the bedroom. My questions is: I'm I going to have to replace the old coax distribution box and run new cable to the other TVs or is there a conversion box or boxes that will go from either HDMI or Component outputs from the Direct TV HR24 DVR to the current coax distribution box. I've been running the over the airway signals from the old crank-up antenna to these TVs and the picture is fine with me, so I don't want to pull new wire if I don't need to. I can live with SD on these two TVs. Is there an easy solution or not. New Member
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