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  1. Avoid NYC like the plague also you can’t run the Baltimore harbor tunnel so you would have to go around Baltimore on the beltway look at joes route it is a much better ride less stressful
  2. Looked in the specs. For my 7500QD it lists it as a three cyl. Kubota.
  3. I have run mine on inverter overnight in rest area with no problems it dosent need much power never had a problem
  4. Richard is right some of them are built into the load center un screw it from the wall and take a look My llast Motorhome was a gulfstream and the connectors on the back of the fuse center would loosen up and cause all sorts of weird things to happen took a while to find that one
  5. Sometime you can here the transformer in the converter humming ( it hums caus it don’t know the words) if you can here it just follow the sound if you turn on all the lights sometimes the transformer will hum louder the greater the load is on it
  6. i have a sportscoach elite and my battery’s are charged by the inverter if you turn it off at the remote on the wall it won’t charge the batteries
  7. Some deeds are best done under the cover of darkness in case of a screwup
  8. It is quite a place geared toward family’s with kids
  9. Was there last fall with another couple that just bought a new 40 ft fiver after main season was over disappointing we were actually there for the Fryburge Fair nothing was open in the campground but the store and they were running out of everything. BUT if you have kids and go in season when fully operating the place is the balls they have tons of stuf for them to do and there is also adult things while the kids are busy. We went there a couple of times back when the kids weren’t embarrassed to be with us. Now there grown have kids and don’t seam to mind having us along (I think it’s having grandma and grandpa to babysit)
  10. jrock

    Generator repairer

    I have a 7500qd and shut down after long run to check fluids and when I started back up it wouldn’t take load went out checked breaker and it was off bumped it when checking fluids
  11. I’ve run into that to Herman I think the mirrors bounce the signal from the remote around if you are in the right spot
  12. I second the motion I’m done winning about it time to plan our first big trip since we retired
  13. Weather man says another nor’easter for tue into we’d up to an inch of snow squalls overnight #$##@@$&&#@#$
  14. There saying blizzard with 14” here give me a break. now that I’m retired I won’t get called out in the middle of the night. Don’t miss that. This time the worse is supposed to happen at low tide the people by the shore will get a break.
  15. Checked with my ins. agent a while ago they said windshield no deductible side glass deductible. Mark conversion vans are standard windshield that most glass companies can do with no problem. The company I use for my glass will even come out to my driveway and do a windshield on my truck or car but the coach would have to go into the shop to be done. Most of the time it’s not a big deal.
  16. Changed from rain overnight to snow ❄️ only got about 2-3 wet slop it’s melting pretty fast better weather just around the corner
  17. yuuuup so far just cold rain wind nothing like last one. The ons buy the water are catching a break with this one. We already made res for first trip to the cape for nephews wedding. Also planing next probably to Saratoga Springs then over to Detroit to see the Hennery Ford the planing helps the cabin fever go away. Nice touch with the ducks Wayne.
  18. Nothing here yet we are in the 1-3 area but we may only get rain ☔️ Temp is hanging around low 30s it’s like if you don’t like the forecast just keep changes channels till you find what you want
  19. At least this late in the season it doesn’t last long hang in there summer is on the radar cabin fever will finally go away when the snowblower comes off the and the mower deck goes back on
  20. hea desertdeals69 rub it in at least up here in newengland if you don’t like the weather just wait a minute and it’ll change
  21. We’re only in the calm between 2back to back nor’easters this one is supposed to bring snow but they say the ocean shouldn’t be as rough as the last. The power company is frantically trying to get power back up they have been doing a pretty go job at it they deserve credit for their efforts.we will see.
  22. Dave got our A##ES kicked here on the south shore up in NH you probably saw it on the news we live next town over from Marshfield not far from the Brant rock section they keep showing we got no damage in our yard but a big ol pine about 3ft around came down about 30 ft from coach the house was connected to coach generator for about 50 hours were back on but sections are still out and won’t be on for a few more days good news the Packy is up and running and has plenty of cabin fever medicine first trip is about a month away can’t wait to get out of here for a while
  23. My account who was a Lt Colonel tried to talk him into joining the Air Force BUT NOOO he chose the Army he sent me a picture of their campsite up to his a## in mud guess he will appreciate their trailer more on family trips
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