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  1. I called the manufacturer of the front axle Westport and gave them all the information on the tag on the axle. They supplied me with all the information I needed. Ordered rotors and received 1 week later. Local truck shop installing tomorrow. Will keep you posted how it goes.
  2. Westport 120600-006 03622700 F5W-1200
  3. Cant find brake rotors and mine have small cracks in them. 2001 Monaco Knight Roadmaster Chassis Westport Axle there is a Plate on axle that reads. Monaco Coach Corp. 120600-006 03622700 Model # FSW-1200 I called local truck parts dealers and everybody is telling me I have to remove rotor from Rv and look for a part #. Called Westport and and they never return my calls. That's fine but I'm having a local shop do the work for me and don't want to pay big bucks to have the RV sit there while they find parts.
  4. I have a 2001 Monaco Night 36 ISB 300 with a Roadmaster Chassis RR4R. Front Webster Axle. I need to replace both front brakes. Rotors are cracked. Can't find parts anywhere. Any idea's? Thanks Ed
  5. Ok. This might be a Spring project when it warms up here in Pa. I'm now getting ready to have a Fasspump installed to prevent a VP44 injector pump failure down the road. Still researching between Fass or Airdog. Thanks for your help..
  6. The gentleman I talked to at SEF did say a savings of HP to drive the fan not gaining 33HP, But that seems like it would make a nice performance difference. He also said I might see a difference in Exhaust brake performance since the stock fan would I guess have more resistance to help slow down. I'll keep checking this post. Thanks for your input.
  7. I have a 2001 Monaco Knight with a Cummins ISB 5.9. Looking to get a little more HP to help pull Mts out West this year. I'm looking to replace the stock radiator cooling fan with a Source Engineering fan blade. There are saying around 33hp increase and 50% less noise. Any feedback would be helpful.
  8. I have a early 2001 Monaco Knight and my shocks are shot. I have 4 OEM Newway CF2978D shocks on the coach. Bilstein sent me replacement shocks and the bolt holes are 5/8" and I need 3/4" upper and lower. They cant find my shock using my Vin #. Did Monaco change shock set up in that year. Called Monaco and they were no help at all. They said 2001 uses the same shock as the 2002. I just cant believe the shocks would be the same when the 2002 uses 4 shocks per axle and mine uses 2. Would like Bilsteins but might have to look around. Any help locating shocks would be great.
  9. KOA Association Island near Watertown NY. Great sun sets. Sites are gravel and level. Right on Lake Ontario.
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