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  1. rlbarkleyii, my husband and I are brand new to RVing. Just got a Class A and will be heading out on our first trip soon. I am interested in knowing more about the Verizon router connection option and am wondering if we can use what we already have as our home phone modem. We investigated mifi options, including using a Verizon Jetpack, but when we called Verizon (our cell and home phone provider) to ask more details about it, we were told we can just use the hot spot on my iPhone 6 to connect, using our data plan, of course. We decided that was the easiest way to handle connecting to the internet while on the road and that we would just add data if we get close to going over our present limit (4 GB/month). We would, however, like to take our home phone with us, as well as have the potential to connect to the internet using a more powerful "hot spot" option (being the 4G broadband router) since we already have the equipment and won't incur any additional fees or costs (other than additional data, if needed). Thanks for any help you can give!
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