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  1. Yeh I would like to stop at a repair facility but already spent a extra week waiting for parts here. Even Fleetwoods customer service said the parts would be here today.NOOPE we have to leave for New York (prior commitments and we are a week late leaving already) without the repairs.maybe the dealer there will be more reliable.
  2. I live in Spencerport NY. Wintered it here in Vegas and the class C motorhome proved to be too small for living in for 3+ months.traded it for a new class A at Findlay RV in Vegas. There service people must take classes in LYING. No one could be that good on their own. They tell you for weeks the parts haven't arrived, then you find out they never ordered them. Now they said the 2 items were waiting for didn't ship as one still needed a part for the assembly .Then they said the parts are lost and needed to be reordered, then the one that was in need of a part might be being shipped but the other did not ship. How can Fleetwood stand for this incompetence?? Now we have to leave for NY without the repairs being done. Fleetwood customer service has looked into this but I'm still waiting for a return call from them. Where is the coach made?? Indiana I guess. It's a 2016 Fleetwood Bounder 36E. Beware of purchasing from Findlay RV in Las Vegas.
  3. Latest problems is the rear toilet leaks and the side window won't close/ Took 5 weeks to convince the dealer the toilet is leaking.she said they ordered the parts.then part of the assembly was back ordered.now 4 weeks later she says the "order was lost" and needed to be reordered.We wanted to be on the road this weekend.but were stuck here waiting for the "Dealer"
  4. Seems funny. Last week I went to Superior tire store here in Las Vegas. Bought two tires for my car,spent $251.00 Three days later the store called me, asked how I liked the new tires, how the ride was, any vibrations, and ask if I was satisfied, AND that they appreciated me buying from them. In January I bought my Class A motorhome from Findlay RV here in Las Vegas. Spent over $130K. Have they ever called, written, left message asking about my purchase??? NOOOOO. It's almost impossible to get them to fix a few things under warranty, Are all the dealers like this??
  5. OK, thanks that worked.the dash radio works those speakers..Thank You
  6. Ok.what radio do you adjust the fader control on? I have radios in the dash, radios thru the TV system and radio unit outside. But I guess I'll try the one in the dash first. Thanks
  7. Got a adjustable water pressure regulator today. Adjusted it for 50#-- flow seems better. It's nice to have a gauge on it..Nice unit for $50.00.
  8. Were slowly figuring out all the remotes but am so far stumped on how to get the two overhead speakers to work in the bedroom.any one got any ideas? Thanks
  9. Yeh I plan on getting an adjustable regulator, Just haven't found one yet.thanks
  10. Went to Camper's World. They had a listing on the shelf and it is the one--on sale from 17.99 to $10.00.
  11. My 2016 Bounder water flow seems to be getting slower. I have a inline regulator but am wondering about the filter it is a flow-pro but I don't know what filter cartridge to buy. Any recommendations? Thanks
  12. Just to chime in.My 2016 Fleetwood Bounder also has no gravity fill for filling the on board tank.only a hose connection for city water and a valve to turn.Funny thing the Brochures for this motorhome show a outside door with gravity fill.similar to the fuel tank fill door.
  13. OK new motorhome, complained to the dealer that the "sealand"toilet is leaking on the floor where do I get the seals, and how do I take it apart?
  14. Ok Thanks. I didn't know they had HDMI splitters.I'll look into them and the power ones..Thanks M.W.
  15. Hi; Yes after contacting Winegard tech support, she walked me thru the antenna setup and it has worked good ever sense. Then a couple days ago I figured out how to switch the remotes to Rf.and I was able to put the Direct TV receiver in the bedroom cabinet where the antenna wires/controls are and that works fine now too.My next job is to find some RCA cables and hook the other bedroom TV up as there is no more room for a HDMI plug. Thanks
  16. Hi I had trouble getting the direct tv receiver to work also and direct tv tech didn't have a clue.(He came to the RV)but a call to the tech support at weingard got me a person who walked me thru the setup.and it works fine now. of course I have been parked in the same spot for 2 months.
  17. OK I have hunted for a phone number for SOMEONE at FLEETWOOD who I can talk to about my problems with this bounder and the dealer.anyone got a phone number? Thanks
  18. Ok got a call from Findlay Rv dealer service advisor here in LAS VEGAS!!..this morning. As I expected there is NO paper trail that these parts were ever ordered!! and I have to bring this motorhome in so they can see what parts are needed..Now I need to bring it an anyhow as there is a raw sewage leak from the rear toilet and if you select city water from the hose it fills the on board storage tank also to overflowing. Yep service with a smile!! FLEETWOOD are you LISTENING????
  19. The dealer POINTED out that they "Ordered" these things when we went through the RV during pickup.Of course they would be covered by warranty.Today for the second time since picking up the RV we went to the dealer service dept.again they acted like I came from outer space.their response "what parts? who ordered them?who told you they were ordered?who walked you thru the Rv during delivery?"What kind of parts were they?I'm surprised she didn't ask me for the part numbers! and No I didn't call Fleetwood! is that what a owner has to do in order to get the dealer to do his job??
  20. I bought a new 2016 Fleetwood Bounder last month. Has only 3 items that needed to be ordered: a switch, a sensor and a light. Now it's over 5-6 weeks and no parts. Does it really take that long to get a few parts out of Fleetwood?.
  21. Anyone know of a good RF remoter that'll work with direct TV H24 receiver? my receiver is in another room of the RV about 15ft away from the tv.very hard to change channels even with either remote supplied by D.TV.I think I have em set to RF mode too
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