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  1. SO Last summer, I bought a cheapy cookware set, simply because I was in a rush and on a very small budget...well I totaled that set. I'm looking online now at different sets and am looking for some guidance. I'm looking at a Stainless steel, enamel, and anodized. All three of these sets cost the same, there are plates and such in the enamel, but I have a set of dishes, so that's REALLY not a deciding factor. I have done a bit of research and the only place that is shedding some light is an article on best cookware for induction cooktop. Which way would you go?
  2. If someone has several certified disabilities and they just go out and buy a dog and train it themselves is that enough to qualify it?
  3. Teach them to wear a harness and leash so that you can hook them to something before you open the door. That way, if they do run out, they will not be able to go anywhere. You can also take along a large,foldable dog cage to use as playpen for them so they can enjoy the fresh air. Make sure to have them microchipped so in case they are lost, they will have identification. You can also teach them to come when called by using their favorite treats.
  4. A major disadvantage of living in an RV, especially in colder climates is wintertime. There are a few brands that make cold weather campers, but there are still drawbacks. First the walls on campers are only 2" or less thick so they do not insulate very well. Heating can get expensive. Also RV furnaces are generally not made for constant use in cold weather. If the camper is not equipped for cold weather you will not be able to use the water system at all. Many of the waterlines and drain pipes in campers are run in unheated cabinets or underneath the camper where they will freeze. In campers that are equipped with winter packages the furnace, water heater, and electric tank heaters need to stay on or your water system will freeze and break.
  5. A friend who is a chemist told me that Poly Glo is identical to acrylic floor polish except there is no UV inhibitor. So I saw the results from his hull and it really does shine.
  6. A friend of mine moved into a mobile home park in october 07. In January of 07 a rule was passed that no dogs over 40 pounds are to reside in the park. However, they let him move in with a 75 pound dog which is very well mannered 1/2 golden/1/2 Australian Shepherd. He is their sons dog and once their son moved to the country he took him. They were wanting another puppy and was blessed with a 6 week Golden Retriever. Now the landlord is saying they can't keep him because he will be over 40 pounds. A Doberman, Grey Hound, Chocolate Lab and other over 40 pound dogs reside there and they say its because their Grandfathered in. Now my friend is facing eviction if he does not get rid of our puppy. Isn't this a discrimination situation too?
  7. Is anti-malware and malware-bytes the same? Because my computer says that I need anti-malware but is malware-bytes 's the same thing?? And where should I download it for free?
  8. I think it's really good option to buy an induction cooker.It's cooks food really fast and there are several modes like roasting, boiling, slow cooking , milk etc..Also you don't have to worry too much when your cooking gas gets over. The only prob arises when there's a power cut and there's no electricity.And also make sure you use the right kind of vessels cause all vessels cannot be used for an induction cooker .
  9. JWilliams


    Hi, I was watching extreme rvs and they were showing this small houses usually sleeping 1 or 2 on a trailer frame, What is the difference between these and just buying a regular RV? From what I can gather these tiny houses are pretty expensive, are they any better than a traditional tow behind RV?
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