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  1. Thanks for your reply, we didn't lose anything to the chassis. but lost both 12vdc to house items and 120vac to house items. When we shut off the motor everything came back on except for water pump which is still not working.
  2. Hi, We are newbies to RV'ing. We have a 2004 Monaco Knight. Driving down the road we suddenly lost all power to the RV. Even turning on the generator brought us no power. We checked breakers, fuses, breakers on the inverter and still no power. We continued down the road and the power didn't restore until we shut the main engine off. Now everything is working except the water pump. Any ideas where we go from here? Thanks, Marina and Bill
  3. Hi, The roof on our 2004 Monaco Knight needs to be repaired. The existing caulking is dry and cracked and we are getting some water inside the coach. What is best to use to seal the roof? Thanks, M&B
  4. Hi, Thanks for the info!! I will check the coach tomorrow to see if there are screws under or if a bulb type. The site with all the different gaskets is also very helpful. M&B
  5. Hi, we are new RV'ers and are wondering how to replace the rubber gasket around our front door....seems the rubber has torn and when it rains we get water inside the coach. It appears the existing gasket is part of the door....do we have to replace the whole door or is there and easier fix? Thanks M&B
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