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  1. While I am on here how do I get to register a nickname type of coach etc?? As I see y'all have done. Vic.
  2. Likely the reason your batteries lasted so long is you didn't really use them. Typical deep cycle use is use up all but the last of the current in them then charge them up again the next day use them again the next day etc. A typical electric golf cart in the north with a season from May till October the batteries will last about 2 years but every nice day in the summer months they will be used 2 or even 3 times a day till they are towed back to their charging station to be charged overnite and then repeat. The biggest difference between the 6 volt golf cart and the 12 volt deep cycle is the size of the cells between the two of them the golf carts will last a bunch longer in a draw down situation. for as much as you use your coach without the generator running is minimal so the batteries you purchased should last you just fine and as you said at the price how can you go wrong. Vic.
  3. Just thought I would pass my experiance along. From reading further I believe his damage may be a little worse than mine but my total bill was only $5800 and I am completely satisfied. And happy to get rid of that rubber roof. Vic.
  4. Not sure what advice you have had up to now as I didn't read them all. To get to the point at hand I have just gone through the same scenario. I have a 2000 Fleetwood American tradition 40 ft. The roof was damaged from the fridge vent (approximate middle of the coach) to the rt rear corner. As I am in Florida I had looked up on the internet for roof repair in the area. I took it to Leisure time RV in Winter Garden Fl where they removed all the attaching pieces from the foor did the repair to the structure replaced the sky light over the shower ( it had a small crack starting and was yellowing ) then sprayed 3 coats of spray material that is made by Rhino Lining similar to what they use in truck beds. Put all the fixtures back on the roof and resealed them as well. The whole process carries a lifetime guarantee for any further damage for you or anyone you may sell it to in the future. The insurance covered the whole job. It seems the insurance Co's know little or nothing at all about the whole process. Lets look at it this way. If you were to go down the road for a year or so and catch another tree branch they would have to replace the whole rubber roof again to the tune of another $8000 or so where as this would be guaranteed and repaired for free. Its called Rhino Linings Eco-coat. If you want it the phone # for the dealer is 407 905 5645. They are in Winter Garden Florida. Hope this helps Vic Parsons FMCA # F448210.
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