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  1. Thanks Herman, mine doesn't have arms like my patio awning, but the thought of putting a PVC pipe over the awning roller has crossed my mind.
  2. A few times when going down the road, with a cross wind, my slide awning will billow up. Makes a check of a noise. My question is, "Is the tension on the roller too light?". This spring I had to stop in Dumas TX get behind the Wal-Mart and remove the awning. Yes the ends got away from me and all tension was released. I have just a plain awning, not one of the covered ones. All comments appreciated. Speck
  3. Thinking about heading down to Harlingen/McAllen TX to go to Reynosa Mexico for cataract surgery. Any comments?
  4. Thanks I think it is a ISB, but not sure. Thanks
  5. It is a shop authorized to do Freightliner warranty work. This isn't under warranty. Hard to find good service shop here in Colorado Springs ☹️. This is the 5th shop I have been to in the past 3 yrs.
  6. On the way in to have generator and engine serviced I got a fault message about fuel pressure incorrect or intermittent. Just got quote for lift pump and main fuel pump, $8500. Is that about right?
  7. My 7500 Onan generator was running and then stopped. Light on the switch blinks 3 times indicating to service generator. What all is done when servicing and how hard.
  8. So we started our trip from CO to SC. Got to Hays KS, and received a message "Crankshaft speed circuit failure, Stop and repair" Have stopped in Hays, KS waiting until tomorrow (Monday) to talk to a shop. Any ideas of how serious this error code (code 115) is. Engine is a Cummins 330 hp (year 1998). Didn't notice any difference in the engine running, nor any signs of exhaust smoke. Just wondering what to expect tomorrow.
  9. The original cable is probably tied down in several spots and therefore can't be replaced without doing a major tear-apart project. I just had DISH King Pro Dual installed on my Tiffin Allegro Bus, they ran new coax to the front TV and tried to use a splitter to go to the existing wiring... didn't work well. After talking with the DISH tech and him advising not to use a splitter nor the existing cable (do to age and who knows what might be inline) I have it back in the shop for them to do the job right and run a new coax on the roof and into the rear bedroom. A bit disappointed that they didn't do it right the first time...
  10. Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions... I didn't have a screw loose (although some would differ), I had male pins that didn't fit the female socket😣. The male pins are split and most of them had collapsed and were not making contact. I took a small screwdriver and "sprung" the pins open a little and all is good. Headed out to South Carolina on Sunday.
  11. Yes, the four wires are as you noted. Colors are Yellow (LT), Green (RT), Brown (Running), White (Gnd). There are diodes installed on each wire. The diodes have 2 inputs (MH wiring and car original wire) an 1 output to the specific light (Turn, Running).
  12. Here is a real mystery... I had my CR-V lights wired to be towed. When connected to the MH, I have no lights on the CR-V. I made another cable, wired 4 pin flat to a circular 6 pin, only 4 pins are used. When I connect to my PU, I get all the lights. I rechecked the wiring of all of the connectors and the are right, still nothing when plugged into the MH. Got a Circular 7 pin/ Flat 4 pin adapter and rewired the MH circular 7 pin to match. My MH 7 pin only uses 4 pins. Still no lights. Am using the same harness that I used when connected to PU. Got an auxillary light set and connected to the same harness and it works!! Any ideas? For the time being I will use the auxillary set, they have magnetic bases so I can attach to the roof of the CR-V.
  13. I have done it on a 1998 Allegro Bus (pusher). I was able to access the heater box from the outside thru the generator compartment. The heater box had lots of screws and clips around it. There only a couple of screws which I couldn't get to on the backside (passenger side). I was able to open it up enough to pull the heater core out. I took the core into a local radiator shop and they were able to fix it by sealing off the bottom row, saved me $350 for a new core. I took a little extra effort to re-install the core, things always come apart easier than they go together. I was able to get it all back together and it worked! Mine also had a set of valves installed on the heater hoses...hmmm, someone had problems in the past!
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