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  1. I have a push button start. Steering wheel doesn't lock. That would be the only reason for putting accessory power on. I simply ran a power line to vehicle battery from my 7 bladed tow Connector. I also ran a 12v receptacle for the brake from the toad battery. Just a visit to auto zone. No problems.
  2. First trip with toad. A 2014 Hyundai with man xmsn and push button start. I went to check toad after about an hour with no indication that the Blue Ox Apollo was braking. Doc says to press the button once to go into ACC mode, which powers the cig lighters and unlocks steering wheel. However I found that the power was off. The steering wheel didn't lock. So I'm trying to find out 1. if there is a way to prevent the power from shutting off after an hour (found that that is norm ops in owners manual). 2. Since the steering didn't lock, and the bit of experience and research I've been able to do leads me to think that it does not lock....Can anyone verify? I called Hyundai Customer care and they referred to dealer who referred me to them. It's a 120mi drive to go to dealer....So any help would be appreciated.
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