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  1. I just love reviving old threads. Here are a couple of newer Google views of this rig..
  2. Thanks for the reply Joe.. Funny thing, I found this unit on CL and picked it up in Lebanon.. Small world. Yeah it's in pretty decent shape. Definately good enough as a starter. I do need to do a few repairs.. One is that the black dump valve is leaking a touch and also the previous owner/rebuilder didnt know what Dicor was so I'll be scraping quite a bit of silicone off the roof fixtures and then resealing it. Don't get me wrong, He did a fantastic rebuild job, But unfortunately for me used silicone.. Thats ok. He completed the harder part. LOL I mean, He REALLY had it torn down.. -Jon
  3. Wow.. this is an old thread, but one that I can relate to. We are a small family, My son is 6 and we just picked up our first RV because we want him to grow up with some memories of fun times out in the sun and not so much in front of a tablet or computer. Now, we didnt have the money to go all in on a new rig but I found a 1991 Coachmen Leprechaun (240CB) for what many have told me was a great deal. It has all new tires, brakes, transmission, a refreshed engine, and the previous owner replaced the roof and tore out and rebuilt the cab over. We are so very excited to start this season out and make some memories. I'm just getting ready to sign up with FMCA, are there any members in the North East PA area? (Stroudsburg) Thanks!
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