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  1. Well then when I get some good pics of the inside I'll have to post them to the album!
  2. Thanks for the advice. Yes I have read quite a bit about this power plant and it certainly concurs with your experience. The only thing that doesn't jibe with what I've read is that this manual claims 240hp. And I believe this engine is governed as you say. Seems to go completely flat at about 3100. Wont see that from me again anytime soon given your feedback. Uncle has a low mileage spare engine and tranny but I have no intention of using it. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks Herman. I'm in process with most all you mention. Hurts my feelings draining oil with 800 miles on it. But it was from 2007! Ha The belts were replaced at that oil change in 07 as well and look fantastic. Pulling them and keeping as spares. The 4 rear tires were '07 as well but they're outta here. I don't want to be the one who blows a fender well out of this beauty, or worse. Transmission is doing great and has an external filter which is so convenient. Slowly working the "been sitting" gremlins out of the coach. Refrigerator, separate ice maker, shower washers, updating the TVs to digital, etc etc but that stuff's all kind of fun. My main concern is keeping her mobile so keeping the chassis and drivetrain up is my main source of fret. Aside from maybe the windshield. Ha Good Lord where would I get a windshield for this thing? Ha! Thanks for the input and kind words!
  4. I have recently assumed responsibility and tender loving care for my Aunt and Uncle's 1987 Vogue lll 35'. She's in exciting shape for an old girl and has kept her figure quite nicely. 44k miles, 8.2L V8 turbocharged side radiated Detroit Diesel with an Allison 4 speed auto in a Crown Bus chassis with air ride and brakes. And a spotless (and why yes timeless) burgundy and mauve interior with corian, hardwood, and cherry cabinets. I have diaries/log books for every tank of gas, oil change, lubrication, repair, parts purchase, and trip she's ever seen. Hasn't seen much time out in the sun the last few years so I'm shaking out some cobwebs at the moment but nothing serious. My intent is to keep all 100% original. I'll be taking her back out in public soon to hit some festivals with my vintage motorcycles in tow. I am not an experienced RV'r. Sure I've seen a couple of days in class A's in the past. But certainly not in any machine of this caliber. Never one as heavy duty and purpose built as this. It's a unique, and fascinating, learning curve. Finally my question. What is the normal highway speed for some of your new modern class A machines of this same ilk? With tractor trailers roaring down the interstate doing 80mph am I a hinderance/danger at 60mph? She's capable of a 70mph with ease. But somehow running that rpm in 4th gear (3000) just seems like jumping on 80yr old Granny's back and spurring the old girl off at a full tilt. Looking for perspective on that RPM and speeds. Thanks
  5. My "Vintage" diesel pusher.
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