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  1. I need to buy a small hand held vacuum for my RV so I don't have to pull out the large one that came with our rig for small jobs like kitty litter spills. What hand held vacuum have you purchased and like best ... plus reasons why (e.g., cost)? Thanks
  2. Thanks Wayne ... we made a reservation today in Vermont for 4th of July weekend ... last 50 amp FHU site left
  3. Wow TBUTLER what a response ... thanks! So this event is worth $185 to boondock? When we attended an annual event in Quartzsite, AZ the first January after we bought our 2013 class A RV it was practically free to camp on BLM land. I'm such a wimp when it comes to heat (funny coming from a southern California resident), but humidity can be unpleasant especially when you have COPD. So, not sure what to do about the electricity option? Sounds like most of the rigs will be in the dry camping area. We are really interested in attending an event where there are so many RVers ... love to meet new people
  4. Mike, 

    Welcome to FMCA. No you don't have to belong to a chapter to go. It is open to all FMCA members. You may call Charlie Adcock. 501-278-6172.

    He will be happy to tell you all  about it. A good way to enjoy the Rally and get to know alot of folks is to Volunteer. They need people in Parking, Security, Trams and more.

    Hope you go.


  5. Hi everyone! We just joined FMCA and will be heading to New England states from southern California on June 5th. During my browsing of the FMCA website, noticed that there is a Family Reunion in August when we're in the West Springfield, MA area. But, I can't find a lot of information and hope you can help me. Can any FMCA member attend, or do we have to join an area chapter first? Does registration include a RV site and all the events? When will there be more info on the seminars, etc? If we can't get a site, can we still attend the seminars/events/activities ... what does that cost? We also would appreciate any information you want to share about your experience at these type of FMCA events
  6. Our cat Cali wasn't excited when we moved her from our 2 story home to a Class A. Our first trip out we thought we'd have to turn around after more than 4 hours of her meowing ... LOUD! So, our next trip we bought a dog carrier and put her favorite cardboard box in it with blankets under it for more padding. The carrier sits on the couch while we drive, and we cover it with a dark blanket leaving just a small opening for her to peak out and watch us. She curls up and sleeps most of the trip only getting out to stretch her legs when we do. She loves the campsites, and we have her own camp chair to sit in when we're outside. She's crazy for campfire rings, and exploring everywhere. She's up most nights "hunting" from various windows in the RV, and during the daytime we find her sleeping in different locations. We wouldn't leave home without her ... she's part of the family
  7. We're leaving southern California on June 5th heading for the New England states and should be in Vermont/New Hampshire area around the 4th of July. We aren't planning to make any reservations on our trip because we don't know how long we'll stay at each stop. Any recommendations on where to stay if we can't find a RV park with openings around the holiday?
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