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  1. I’m not asking for a brand recommendation, only a tire size that can be substituted for my existing tires. I’ll make the decision for the brand when I can determine other sizes that can be safely used. How’s that?
  2. My Michelins (235/80 R22.5) are way too old. I have gone through the program looking for Michelins first and Continentals second. I was told by a local dealer that Michelins are 6 month back ordered. Checked with two more dealers and got pretty much the same response. Continentals of a similar size are also in very short supply. The price break afforded by the program is very important. I’m looking at other brands (Toyo, Yokohama, Firestone, etc.) that offer measurements that are close but not exactly the same. My question: Can anyone out there offer a size close to 235/80 R22.5 that is workable on my 07 Pace Arrow 36D?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I sent a note to Atwood and got a return message that, in fact, they do not recommend using an anode in their aluminum tank. Nuff said.
  4. We've owned our 2007 Pace Arrow 36D for a a little over a year. I have no idea if the Atwood water heater (model #GC10A-4E) was ever serviced or if it needs servicing other than a flushing. It has functioned without a problem so far. I intend to buy an anode rod for it, but I can't determine if I need the aluminum or magnesium model. A dealer I contacted said that my question was a first and had no idea if there is a real difference. Any information will be appreciated.
  5. Bill, I've printed out the manual on the link. Not sure I'm dealing with King brand or an auto search antenna since the evaluation referred to in the original post mentioned "manual adjustment." I'm going to do what I should have done and empty both cabinets to see what's up there. Who knows what I might find. Possibly the answer to all my questions. I'll do that tomorrow and report what I've discovered.
  6. Bill Adams, Vent covers and the dome are both black which makes me think that all three are original equipment. There is a little black box in one of the cabinets above the windshield that has some terminology on it suggesting it has something to do with a satellite antenna. I have one of our Direct TV boxes in the RV that I've used with our carry-out Winegard Anser (?) (as usual, I can't remember the name). I would rather use the one on top to keep from carrying out and setting up or to have the option with the portable if trees, etc. are in the way. After I complete this wordy response to your post, I'll look at the link you posted. Thanks again.
  7. Let me restate something. The information I referred to was not an owner's manual. It was a detailed going over by a fellow who took it out back in the day for a look-see. Don't know if that matters. He must have gotten his information somewhere.
  8. The owner's manual for a 2007 Pace Arrow 36D states that I have a satellite antenna on my roof that is MANUALLY ADJUSTABLE. I know we have a typical TV antenna that is manually raised and lowered and adjusted via the also typical handle in the ceiling. There is also a big black dome (matching the vent covers) on the forward area of the roof that looks like it houses a satellite antenna. If that is the case, I can find nothing to adjust it. There are numerous electronic devices in cabinets on both sides of the front TV. One actually appears to have something to do with a satellite. The sales guy where we bought our RV had no knowledge of the satellite system. Anyone out there who might have a similar setup that can give me some idea what we are dealing with? Is it possible that the ordinary-looking antenna is a satellite antenna? I'm thinking it's only an ordinary antenna.
  9. Thanks for all the good replies. I found one on Amazon. I called Dometic to make sure and their serial number was 0.5 different. I asked if that might be because of the age difference and not model or shape. She didn't know. I wasn't surprised. So, since everything else looked the same and assuming that there couldn't be that much difference, I ordered it. Fit like it was made for it. Guess it was. Now, I've got to get over the white vent on the side of a multi-color full-body paint job. I'm thinking I'll just match the re-touch kit paint number with the color that is on the vent the most and buy a spray can (if it's available). If not, white it is.
  10. I know this is a long title. I just started writing and that's what came out. My problem: I have a new TPMS and I've installed four sending units on my Jeep and on the front tires of the motorhome. The rear axle has a tire stem for the inside tire facing out and the stem for the outside tire turned inward into an opening in the aluminum wheel. It's not hard to reach with a rear facing air chuck when checking tire pressure, but almost impossible to reach with a sending unit in two fingers. My question after all this, Is it possible to turn the stem around, twist it, so I can reach the open end of the stem? I'm wondering why the stem faces inward anyway.
  11. The Add-a-Brake system was, I believe, originally sold by Camping World. I read somewhere that the system was a Roadmaster product rebadged for exclusive sale by Camping World. They don't list it anymore.
  12. Hey, Folks. A while back, when we still had a Class C RV, I went on eBay and found an Add-a-Brake auxiliary brake thing for a really, really good price. I communicated with the seller and he assured me he had used it to tow from Maine to Florida and back two times. Then his wife got sick and he hung it up. When I received the brake, it was in the original box with all the cables and a couple of other things. No books or other paperwork. I know, I know, it does look like I fell for it. I'm looking for information Prior to this "bargain" I had bought and installed a NSA Ready Brake system with which I have never been satisfied. Last trip, I just unhooked it and limped home. As a result, I do have the break away thing in place on my Wrangler. Now, I have tried to get this Add-a-Brake thing to work. It has the standard cigarette lighter power plug and another cable with two different connectors. I think one is for a brakes-in-use notifier. I put it in place and plugged it in today. I can hear a click when I press the Test button, but nothing else happens. How does this thing work when I apply the motorhome brakes? Any help or advice available from you veterans?
  13. We took a trip last week to Woodward, OK from our home on Pickwick Lake which is about 100 miles east of Memphis, TN. The combined trip was about 1500 miles. The highways in Oklahoma, especially I-40, are really rough. When we got home, I discovered that we had lost the exterior access hatch cover for the refrigerator (not sure if that's the actual name) on the outside wall. This thing has louvers and is in the color of the surrounding wall so getting a replacement is probably going to be tough. Any ideas out there. Our motorhome is a 2007 Pace Arrow 36D.
  14. The previous owner had put several things on the walls. Some were adhesive backed Velcro, another is a metal device that's screwed on. I was removing those items this weekend and started on one of two white plastic items that are a complete mystery. These things have electric wires attached on the back. I've included a photo of one detached from the wall showing the face and the wires. This one is located on the wall between the dinette and the refrigerator. The other one is on the wall between the bedroom and the back bathroom. I looked at all of the documents and found no mention of it. I did see a Pace Arrow brochure and there is an interior photo viewing from front to back and there are two white things on each wall in the same location. Look at the photo and help me out.
  15. Thanks, guys. I've got the answer I needed. Now, I've got a brake system that will, I hope, work better than the ReadyBrake I've been using. Not saying the ReadyBrake didn't work. Just never was confident in it. Everything depended on the activating cable being tightened properly, depending on eyeballing the proper amount of slack.
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