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  1. Gentlemen, I now declare victory for my propane issue. I finally installed a new circuit board and I now hear the sweet sound of burning propane. I thank everyone who responded to my request for assistance and firmly believe that more heads are better than one. Thanks again George
  2. Thank you Bill. This was one of the first things I have tried, it didn't seem to have any effect. Does anyone know if it is possible to test a circuit board, or does this take some special instruments? George
  3. Gentleman; Thank you for your quick responses to my issues and your suggestions. Mr. Butler, I had a new spare thermocouple. I installed making sure the connections were tight. Rich, I adjusted the air flow and that seems to have solved the blue/yellow flame issue. The sound now is loud but steady. I no longer have the sound I described in my initial letter, and there is not a noticeable difference with the door open or closed, just more muffled when closed. I made sure everything lined up. There is no evidence of soot buildup. The spark is set at 1/8th inch as specified. After all this was checked, the unit fired approx 2 minutes. After waiting several minutes, it fired up for another minute or so. I might add that in all cases the water was warm at best inside the tank. Again I appreciate the suggestions and if my responses prompt any other ideas, they will be appreciated as well. George
  4. The propane burner shuts down after several minutes of operation with cold water in the tank. The DSI attempts to reset twice then locks out. During the reset process, there is an odor of propane. After several minutes, the propane function will work again for several more minutes. The electric side works well. The spark probe and thermostats have been replaced. The orifice, gas tube,burner tube and flue have been cleaned and lined up. The stove and furnace works fine with no interruptions. The air flow adjustment set at 1/4. The voltage is 12.6v under load. When the propane works, there is good voltage going to the solenoids. After is shuts down no voltage to the solenoids. The flame is blue then turns yellow approximately half way out. When it works after a minute or two the burner noise gets louder and it sounds as if a strong breeze is blowing in to the burner area, although there is no wind at all. I have been told if the circuit board is faulty, the heater will not work on electric or gas? Where do I go from here? Thanks for the help.
  5. What was the name of the dealer you used and where are they located?
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