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  1. I'm from PA and went from under 26000 to over 26000 and got a class B drivers license. I was told while I only had a permit a class B driver or higher had to be with me. Got a permit, scheduled a test ( driving only) and took the driving test in Washington PA. Answered questions about air brakes but only to inform me how they work, not really part of test. Was told I was the first to take the test in my area. My big concern was if stopped and my driver license didn't match the weight of the MH it would require towing. Also, if I had and accident the insurance would have a reason not to pay because I was not legal in PA. It seems I was lucky and the DMV office in Belle Vernon and driving test facility in Washington knew what was required. Five dollar permit, help of a friend ( CDL driver), knowledgeable PA workers and I'm legal. Remember, RV dealer won't tell you because I believe they don't know or care but just want to sell.
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