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  1. I have a 2017 Forest River w/L9 engine on a Freightliner XCR chassis. Shortly after new purchase, had loud grinding noise every time did left or right turn. Sounded exactly like a vehicle with no or low steering fluid. However, the steering did seem to perform as it should. There were no leaks in the system. Took to Freightliner while still under warranty. They said it was a common issue and nothing was wrong wit it. Now, a few years later, the noise is much worse and there is very noticeable play in the steering wheel. Again took to Freightliner. Service manager confirmed there was an issue an he called FCCC to see if any recalls on the steering gear box or anything else. FCCC told the service manager, and I quote ... "we get several calls a day about the steering gear box noise and we have determined that nothing is wrong with the units." When he said 'several calls a day" - that sounds like a real clear sign there is an issue and/or defect somewhere in the design. Note, our coach has just turned up 9,900 miles and has never had any damage. The alignment and toe-in were checked and found to be right on spec. Clearly not an over used or abused coach. Now, after several thousands of dollars in repair, I am wondering - how many of these units are out there with this issue and why has Freightliner refused to fix them.How many years of production does this issue cover? I would like to hear from anyone else who has or knows of someone who has been thru this. According to FCCC, there must be a lot of us. After getting the steering gear box replaced, the shop (not Freightliner) also had to replace the steering fluid pump. Seems the pump may not have been designed to put as much pressure into the system as it needed for proper operation. For techies - the steering gear box is part THP60015.
  2. This is also our first time "staying on site". We have attended Perry and Indianapolis as 'day visitors' while camping off-site. We too have signed up for 50 amp and have a Mar 13th arrival Two questions: I see some have reference to 50amp as having water and dump? Or does that just mean that the "pay for water and dump" truck is available to those areas. Greatly appreciate clarification. Also, arriving on the 13th (Tuesday) does that mean we can not leave until the following Monday morning? I expect that by Sunday morning we will be more than ready to leave for the long journey home. What is the procedure, availability, etc of leaving on Sunday morning.? Thanks a bunch for your help.
  3. Here in Florida is similar problems. Camping World seems unable to obtain or get the best mechanics and technicians. Probably too many techs leaving to go to better paying companies.
  4. I live in Florida and have quite a bit of experience on this subject. ALL service contract (car, RV, etc) are treated as Insurance Contracts by the State of Florida and are thus regulated by price. EVERY dealer must sell at the same price. Many Reputable nationwide companies do not sell policies in Florida because of the many restrictions. Shop the internet and other sources and you can find a wide variety of contracts. And, an equally diverse range of coverage. IF you can use a non-Florida address, then you can shop wherever and whenever you wish for the best policy and coverage's to suit your needs. When you compare prices - you will amazed at the cost difference between a Florida policy and a non-Florida policy. Your policy will be good anywhere you are - just maintain a non-Florida address for any correspondence. Some people who live in Florida - will just use the address of a relative living elsewhere. As a general rule - the companies do not care where you live or where you buy your policy - just do not use Florida as the permanent address.
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