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  1. thomasp

    Cummins ISB

    The red light indicates that the air bags are not full and as soon as the compressor finishes filling the air bags, the light goes out which means you can then drive the coach safely.
  2. I had the same problem, the shop told me it was the "stator". I do not now what that is, but that fixed the problem.
  3. We towed our Explorer Limited 4x4 6500 miles from California and back without incident last month. We have the Roadmaster Invisibrake that kept our battery charged and had no battery issues. I do recommend that at the beginning and end of each day as well as each stop that you run the transmission through its gears. We drove 8-10 hours a day getting there. We towed at 65-70 mph on I-10 and I-40. If you are looking at buying a new tow vehicle, we would recommend the Explorer. We have towed the vehicle for just under 10,000 miles with no problems.
  4. I 80 west to I 5 north to highway 20 towards Clear Lake and highway 101 north. Nice easy ride.
  5. Be aware that the Freightliner exhaust diffuser can come loose and fall off. $380 later, we now check that the diffuser has not loosened up before we travel. We have a 2009 Winnebago Journey and learned the hard way that this part is not welded on but is clamped on with two nuts and not covered under warranty or on the checklist of things to watch. Check those nuts!
  6. Regarding towing the Ford Explorer, we have a 2011 Ford Explorer Limited, 4 wheel drive, with push button start. We haven't had any trouble towing it yet, less than 1000 miles. In regards to the battery going dead, I believe I have solved that problem by installing the Road Master Invisibrake. It has a 3 amp line that charges the battery as you tow the vehicle. I believe you can also solve the problem by installing a charge line from vehicle to RV. Followed instructions in owners manual - put car in accessory mode, turn off the two things that can be turned off (climate and radio). We have towed the car with remote key in the car and not in the car and have had no problems either way. The vehicle tows well behind our RV.
  7. I decided not to use CB's. We use Walkie talkies that we got from Costco. Work just as good as CB's
  8. Any one towing a 2011 Explorer with a remote start system? Have any problems. Are any ford with the remote start.
  9. We also are interested in towing a 2011 Explorer or Edge. We want to know if anyone is having difficulty getting a tow bar mount bracket that will attach to the new car and braking system parts and having them installed. We currently have our old Roadmaster Sterling tow bar attached to RV and US Gear brakes and would like to continue using as much of the old components as possible. Information with problems towing an Explorer or Edge, if any, would also be appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  10. A nice place to try is Ocean Mesa rv resort noth of Santa Barabara. www.oceanmesa.com. It is close to El Capitan State Park.
  11. We are looking at Good Sam, AAA, and Coach-Net emergency policies and are wondering what service would serve us the best for a 35-foot diesel motorhome. Or, do we really need such a policy in addition to our regular RV Good Sam insurance? Any responses pro or con regarding the service they provide would be appreciated.
  12. We had that problem with a 2003 Winnebago Brave. Tried several remedies but nothing would keep the smell from forming, particularly in hot weather. We did however find a way to mask it. There is a liquid made for RV grey water tanks/sink odors that you put in the drains which controls the smell. We bought it at WalMart and it works really well.
  13. We agree that the Oregon State Parks are great. They are pretty full during the summer and may have full signs out front but we found that if you check at the gate, sometimes you can get in without reservations. Also, Fort Stevens is worth seeing and going across the bridge into Washington you can visit the Lewis & Clark museum, Long Beach, and Cape Disappointment. A good restaurant to visit is Riverside Rest. and also the Brewery in Pacific City. Tillamook and their lighthouse, Newport and their acquarium and historic riverfront city, and Brandon are interesting. There is lots to do, it is a beautiful coast and has many interesting seacoast towns. If you have the time, go up to WA to the Olympic Park and Hurricane Ridge. Well worth the effort! We would recommend going North to South on Highway 101 for ease in pulling off to see the vistas.
  14. We find ourselves in a predicament. We are California residents with California driver's licenses. We purchased our RV in Oregon, applied and received permission to not pay sales tax in CA if we keep the unit out for one year. Went to CA DMV to reigester the motorhome and were told we could not register it unless we had it physically there for them to inspect since it was bought out of state. We called the Board of Equalization and they said that we could not bring it into CA until the year is up. So, we are looking into the LLC from Montana for at least the year. Does anyone know how often are you allowed to bring in the unit as a "visitor" under the LLC in CA should we decide to keep the LLC after the year is up and want to bring it into CA occasionally. Not looking for legal advice, just experience and ideas. Thanks for any ideas.....
  15. We stayed at Grassy Key RV resort in May. It is a new park and is a very nice place. It is only a few miles from Marathon. have fun, Tom
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