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  1. We went from a Class A Beaver DP to a Roadtrek Adventurous CS XL with an optional toad (Fiat Abarth). Very versatile, easy to drive (wife now comfortable with driving), plenty of storage with the extended version (24’). We used to have sailboats, last one a Beneteau First 40, our Roadtrek has much more room and storage!
  2. Thanks! We have just begun to venture out with smaller trips. Going up to the Oregon coast in a couple of weeks for our first extended trip. Really enjoying!
  3. Our second rig was a Forrest River Charleston - supposedly an upgrade to the Georgetown. The components were OK, but the manufacturer's engineering was ridiculous. EVERY slider (four) failed at one time or another and usually at very inconvenient times. However, what was even worse was one of the living room slides came off its rails and the technician showed me that it happened because a wiring harness for 120 V became pinched, abraded and within millimeters of coming in direct contact with the metal slide rail. I didn't want to be electrocuted by dumb engineers/ manufacturer and sold the rig.
  4. 2001 Beaver Patriot 37 Ticonderoga, 68k, 2 slides, hydro hot, auto Girard, W/D, garden tub, beautiful built in LCD TV's in front & bedroom, & the list goes on. Our third, & hopefully last RV. First was very nice Tiffin 30 gasser, second was poorly engineered & newer DP that we couldn't wait to get rid of - learned our lesson on quality mfg. Sought only CC & Beaver under 40' for Natl Parks we like as well as long term travels now that we're finally retiring. Got a call from Jon at BCS in Bend (had been up there last year to look at a 36' Patriot but it wasn't right for us) - Jon, Roland and the staff were absolutely great & courteous, you would have thought that we were buying the most expensive vs least expensive rig on their lot. Well, this one was just what we had been wanting & as soon as we saw it we knew that we were going to buy it & love it. I don't know who the prior owner was other than a Cat area manager in the NW. Everything was in great shape with many upgrades & changes - no obvious deferred maintenance. I own a chain of automotive oil change facilities & am reasonably mechanically knowledgeable and feel good about this purchase.
  5. I lost my bookmarks on an upgrade & found that I had to scan through six pages on Google before I found the FMCA website listing. If you want more & younger members, you need to get current on your tech search engines. Younger newbie will never go six pages deep & chance across your name.
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