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  1. Thank you kristarose for your intervention. I have received full reimbursement for the locksmith charge. I have renewed my contract with SafeRide at the great price FMCA has negotiated. WAY TO GO FMCA!!!!!!
  2. Have been signed up with SafeRide for two years. Last Friday, 10-27-17, locked myself out of our MH. Called SafeRide and was told they did not provide lockout assistance for MH's, only travel trailers. When asked what was the difference between MH and TT locks, the answer was their people did not have the tools for MH's. HUH???? Tried to call SafeRide customer service today. Got leave message and they would call back in 24 hours.
  3. GreenBeaver & hermonmuller, I appreciate your response. I have checked out all of your suggestions with no success. I called the Jayco Service Manager thinking, as they had acquired the remains of Travel Supreme, that they might have some of the TS parts still available. He gave me the phone number of DJ Specialties, http://djspecialties.net/ , who had acquired the TS leftover parts. Dave had the light I need in stock. It was somewhat pricey at $88.00 plus shipping. However, I needed it so I ordered it. DJ Specialties appears to be a place where TS owners can get parts for their motorhome. Once again, guys, thanks for your inputs. Glenn
  4. Good idea. I will check it out. Thanks
  5. Thanks for your reply. Photos attached. Overall Diameter = 6.0" Depth = 2.4"
  6. We have a 2002 Travel Supreme Type A motorhome. Sometime back, I hit a coyote on the highway. No serious damage was done. However, one of the running lights suffered a broken housing. I used Gorilla glue in an attempt to repair it. This fix lasted about a year before the housing broke loose again. I have been attempting to locate another one with no success. I have searched on the Iternet and have contacted several RV salvage yards. The housing is made of some sort of plastic material. "Made in England" is the only text on it. Nothing about who the manufacturer might be. I believe the 2001 model used the same light, and perhaps some later models used the same running light. Would appreciate any ideas as to where I might find one of these running lights. Thanks. GeeBee
  7. Appreciate the input. Will check it out. Thank you. geebee
  8. We are planning an Alaskan cruise leaving Seattle 9 August. We plan to drive our 38' Travel Supreme motorhome to Seattle from Texas. Would like to be within an hour of SEA-TAC where we will be picking up our daughter and son-in-law. We will need to leave the MH in the park while we are on the cruise. Another option we have considered is leaving the MH in a storage facility where it would be secure. Any thoughts or tips on this subject would be appreciated. Glenn Young F215792
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