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  1. If you prefer to paper copy me the TSB you could mail it to me at:  

    Greg Zarnick, 11006 E Regal Dr, Sun Lakes, AZ  85248 

  2. I guess I have a few more  question.?   Did you complete the install of the brackets and wiring yourself.?  Does such work require extensive experience?   Does Roadmaster or some other site give support information on how to do this install?  I'm a handy person...but automotive work is like plumbing...too many things can go wrong when skill level is too low.

  3. I so appreciate all the information you have been providing on the FMCA Forum.   But my quest for knowledge never ends.   Would you be able to forward me a copy of the TSB that supports the KIA towing.   You could send it to me at my email address:  gmzarnick@gmail.com

    Again...thanks so much for your time, good work and good insights/solutions to Kia problems/issues. 

  4. Can Walt2137 provide me with a copy of his TSB estabishing Kia's support for towing the Soul 2014 and 2015 flat. When I shopped my Kia I was told more than once by Kia dealer staff the drive train for the 2016 is the same as those in 2013-2015.
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