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  1. Did they give any reason why it can't be flat towed? That means that Jeep has no small SUV that can be flat towed now. And I was just about to plunk down a deposit for one. The Cherokee is too much SUV for me. Oh well, guess I'll just keep towing me Focus, then.
  2. I already know this plan is not for me. My post was to let others who are considering this as a possibility know. The old deal fell apart because it wasn't advantageous for Verizon. That's why this new deal is so bad. Anybody who plans to use this in any real capacity is going to be severely disappointed. Two or 3 streamed NetFlix movies or a couple of cloud backups and your $50 internet plan is worthless for the rest of the billing cycle. No thanks. I won't pay Verizon anything for a 25 GB plan. But I would pay them well more than they're asking for this plan for a true, unlimited, unthrottled plan.
  3. You don't want this deal unless: You already have solid mobile internet and want to use this as a backup You really don't use Internet all that much You like being punked on by Verizon Here's your TCO: .01 for the device $49.99 + (~$10 taxes and fees) = $59.99 * 24 months = $1440.01 for the life of the contract / (25 gigs * 24 months) = 600 GB of high-speed internet = $2.40 /gb. That is TERRIBLE. You can tell it was fully negotiated by Verizon because it has all of Verizon's onerous terms. The older deal was much better, and if FMCA had required a good standing membership for a longer period of time, they might have been able to pull it off. I bit on the renewal, it's only $95. But after researching this "deal" it's a lot worse than it seems on the surface. I'll likely go with renting the unthrottled UL plans month to month, even at the higher price.
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