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  1. WE removed the 24" analog TV from it's cabinet in the front of our "Friendship" and were very lucky. The wires from the cabinet where the Satellite receiver and the DVR were kept were very long. We moved those electronics into the old TV cabinet and extended the cables to and from the receiver. Bought a 32" HDTV and placed it on a table/magazine rack/liqueur cabinet. The wires were just long enough to do this. When we travel the TV is on the bed. Removed the hide a bed and replaced it with two rocker recliners. Now we can both see the TV with out looking at the ceiling.
  2. I have no personnel experience with any of the combination units but our daughter has and she doesn't like them. you need to switch from one system to the other manually and theirs the GPS wasn't very good. They don't use that function at all now and depend on their Garmin 360.
  3. You can get Sat. TV in Mexico but you need a large dish. When we were in Mazatlan we had a 1.2 meter dish and got all U. S. programming from DirecTV. That was ten years ago maybe with their "spot" technology that wont work now.
  4. For INTERNET on the go and at home we use Hughes Net. Provided by Data Storm. It is $$$ but reliable as long as there are no @#% trees. We travel in Mexico and cell service is spotty. WE can run up to five computers on our wireless before we can notice a slow down.
  5. WE use this http://www.gasbuddy.com/ it will give both gas and diesel prices by state.
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