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    Warning Chime

    I have a 2006 HR and have solved the intermittent chime problem in my coach. In my case and that of many othes as discussed on another forum was a low fluid level in the hyd. jacks tank that are used for leveling. As most of us do, we scan the dashboard for other signs of a problem when we hear the chime going off. We fail to look at the Jacks panel to our left. If the chime is coming from the jacks system you should see lights flashing on that panel. In the case that it is the jacks system you may have the same problem that most of the Monaco coaches have in that the hyd. tank is not properly supported in the rear and it comes loose or even fractures. If it just comes loose at the front mounting it is easy to solve. You need to tighten the bolts that hold it and supply a support for the rear of the tank. When it comes loose some fluid will leak out the overflow hole in the top rear of the tank and/or the fluid sensor will detect a low level while traveling. The alarm is more pronounced in cold/rainy weather and seems to go away when everything gets warmed up. If you need more on the subject I have a writeup and pictures of the problem and the support bracket that is needed.
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