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  1. You can get a Renegade or Show Hauler with 500 or 600 hp at 37 feet. Not sure about 36'
  2. This is one of the reasons I like Super Cs
  3. I switched to LiFePO4 batteries 3 years ago. If your inverter/charger has a profile that will support charging LiePO4, no extra charger is needed. My reasons for changing are all stated above.
  4. I found that switching to synthetic motor oil helped mine run cooler. Kind of a last ditch cure as 30+ qts of T6 makes for an expensive oil change
  5. working with a dealer, and can choose either Show Hauler or Renegade. Both work with the same selection of chassis and I meant 567, not 576
  6. actually, I just went to the Peterbilt site, and the 576 can have adaptive cruise, collision mitigation, and lane keeping. I have sent an inquiry to the dealer
  7. If I spec a Peterbilt, I have to have a bunk over the cab due to the transition from the cab to the body cannot be rigid. Freightliner comes with adaptive cruise and brake assist. Cannot get that on the Pete. If I could go with a Peterbilt without the bunk, my decision would be easy
  8. actually, I can spec a Peterbilt 567
  9. The transmission will be an Allison 4000 series which maxes out at 1850 lb-ft Glad I asked the question, this is helpful
  10. I am in the process of specking out a Super C and have the choice of Detroit DD13, DD16, or Cummins X15. All specced out to give 1850 lb-ft torque. The DD 13 would have a tighter turning radius as it is on the new Cascadia 116 vs the 125
  11. Brake fluid is hygroscopic (unless using a very special high boil point fluid, used in race cars). It is for this reason that most recommend flushing the fluid every 2-3 years.
  12. Glad to hear about the service from Progressive. Have had them for two years (though USAA), with no claims. Have had less than good experiences with a company in the past. I've gotten to the point where service is as important as price - if not more so.
  13. I have a Dynamax. Have had very few problems. If you want a Super C, you might want to check them out.
  14. I am installing my lithiums inside the RV. Have space for it directly above the unit holding my other electronics. The old battery location will be converted to a "tool shed".
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