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  1. We have a Girard awning. Thanks for your help. My husband thought he solved it when he saw water pooling on the basement door rim inside, but after fixing the door compartment , the leak reappeared. He has been filling the tanks and watching the monitor which goes down very slowly as the leak continues. He is draining it and refilling, but then it rains and his experiment has too many variables. We are losing our summer trip time, and don't want to drive with the leak. I will join the Safari group. We may take it to a repair place, but dont know where to trust. The last repair place did a pressure test and claimed that it can't be the plumbing...also the pump only runs on demand. The awning's motor needs replacing, but it is in good shape otherwise. Thanks for answering...sorry for the delay in response.
  2. We turned off the valve to the ice maker to eliminate that as one of the possibilities, and still we have the leak. The fridge is off and has not been used and the leak continues, a big leak. Maybe it is the aqua hot. It was serviced at La Mesa Rv and they said it was fine 2 trips ago...we are getting frustrated. We also have lots of rain here in Fla. Roof has been repainted and caulk ed and inspected. We were hoping it was a roof leak, but doesn't appear to be one. Any help is greatly appreciated
  3. Thank you for trying to help. We took the coach to a certified repair facility and they sent it home "fixed", but of course, it was soaked again in the basement compartment next to the front door passenger side under fridge. We have turned off the ice maker water supply valve and the fridge is off anyway. Also there is no pressure loss and the pump shuts off completely when water isn't being used. The tech said this eliminates a fresh water leak. He also pressure tested the black tank. Could it be the aqua hot? Could it be due to us not setting the valves correctly (we have no manual). We're trying to leave and fix it first...anyone have a 2001 safari serengeti ivory manual?
  4. Our Serengeti has a leak in the basement. It was at a shop and they determined that the fresh water tank isn't the source. It is in the basement compartment under the fridge. Any info is appreciated
  5. I am looking into the zte mobley before we leave next week and can't get a clear answer about the cost from at&t. I have verizon cell service which we used last year, and it got really expensive really fast.
  6. Hello We are trying to locate the source of a water leak in our 2001 Safari Serengeti Ivory edition. It appeared last summer during camping. By the end of the trip, the basement compartment which is drivers side under kitchen was totally drenched, but it had gotten all of the close basement compartments left. We know it isn't the roof because it has remained dry since we drained it despite the rains. Does anyone have any ideas?
  7. Thanks for answering. The coach is a 2001 safari serengeti and we live in Naples fl. I have been speaking with the local freightliner dealership and they are trying to help us, but it is a 60 mile drive...we will take it there but need more information if anyone has any. They did mention the 2 computer types and the info about WABCO helps, any more is appreciated
  8. Hello Does anyone have any ideas as to how to find a mechanic that can work on my Safari Serengeti which is built on a Magnum chassis? Both Safari and Magnum are out of businesstock, and we have an ABS light on the dash lit up.
  9. We have a new to us 2001 Safari Serengeti. Our newest issue is a untraceable water leak in the basement compartments. It began during our summer trip...we filled the tanks and thought it was leaking from the pump area but since returning home have drained the water tank and believe it is a rain water leak. The compartment to the left of the door which is under the fridge( works great), is the wettest and the compartment on the opposite side of the coach is also wet. Any ideas of what to do? Take to rv repair for pressure leak test? We had to replace the radiator and fix wiring which went bad to the tune of $11,000. Satellite also failed( newly installed...worked great...until) $200. today....love rving but not these expensive problems. Any help is greatly appreciated
  10. Help...I am not mechanically inclined Have our Safari Serengeti 2000 at shop...it needs a new radiator. It is on a Magnum chassis. #4SLAOGW2911114662. The mechanic wants to buy an aftermarket radiator but can't locate one...he also says he can't locate the other pertinent identification info and is asking for my help. We want to take IT on June 6 to Arizona...can anyone steer me to a place to buy a radiator? Thanks for any help.
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