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  1. I have been doing mine for a long time, but I am sure it must be a whole lot easier on my little Gasser. I do the Jeep, generator and engine oil all at the same time whether they all need it or not. I only get dirty once. Bugs53 P.S. I have always used synthetic oil.
  2. I have made mine myself for the last two coaches we have owned. It was not that hard, saved a lot and made some for Jeep as well.
  3. Anybody know of a link or web site that list all the parks take the Golden Age? Looking for one central location>
  4. US Gear is our choice. We tow a a Jeeep Wrangler with a gasser. I know it is not as popular as a diesel pusher, but we go places they ton't choose to go.
  5. We compared some brake in the box systems and found that they did stop the vehicle on the second or third pump of the brakes. Problem is that tow master cylinder is all out of vacuum boost in the toad and nothing is pumping new life into the system.
  6. Would be interested in the replys, I do not think the diesel brake system can hook up on gas.
  7. We have US Gear and are very happy. Towing our Jeep about 8,000 miles so far, no problem.
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