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  1. Looks like Imma late..........same !@#$, different year. Got this nice cover for the MH. Mini winter hurricane winds shredded that. No leaks since me and DW resealed all the roof seams, at lease a positive for that. Went on a Caribbean cruise in Jan, won't do that again, nice cruise but come back home in the winter. Save that for spring. Booked for next year. Reserve 1 camping trip so far, Lake George in summer. Never been and not too far of a drive. A pretty mild winter here in New England. Bitter cold coming tomorrow. Looks like the weather is all over the place everywhere. TTFN
  2. Looking at getting the Garmin RV 780. When you put the RV info in do you include what you are towing to the length or is there another section for that?
  3. Oh my!I just read "almost" all the threads on nav systems...since I saw Garmin mentioned the most I will look there. Please don't tell me what you have, I already read all that. I did like the " wait to get to the McDonald's parking lot and look it up...lol. Pretty no where I am now.
  4. DW and I just finished with the Dicor lap sealant. Had to go over all the edges because of FR's hack job when they replaced the roof. Hoping no more leaks. Took about 10 tubes.
  5. DW and I just finished with the Dicor lap sealant. Had to go over all the edges because of FR's hack job when they replaced the roof. Hoping no more leaks. Took about 10 tubes.
  6. The flex seal has no UV properties and silicone based. That's what I read. I will use acetone. Thanks
  7. Decided not to use the Externabond, the has a thought of using....lol....flex seal liquid, duh. Going to use Dicor, white, self leveling. Looks like the right sealer to use. Alot of tubes.
  8. Figures....As close as it was going to get and whammy. Northeast Area Rally August 04-06, 2022 Fryeburg, ME Rally Cancelled
  9. Oh so you're a RI clam chowder guy? You are probably like an hour and a half from my house. George's is one of my favs. I know you will enjoy.
  10. Bill, Good bass fishing at Worden's Pond! Check out the Nordic Lodge if you have a chance and want to put the feed bag on! David
  11. Anyone ever use Externabond tape on the roof? Freaking Forest River. When they re did the roof under recall they did a really shabby job on the edge sealant
  12. I retire at 3pm and un retire at 6am during the week.
  13. Well that was an interesting road trip south. Did good with the routes not so good on the gas. The KOA in Kissimmee was great for us, excellent "base camp". Kids had fun at Disney but I was not impressed.
  14. Looks like I can go over the Francis Scott Key Bridge
  15. What do you think about getting around Baltimore? Can I go thru the 95 tunnel with propane?
  16. Planning the route now. Thanks for the info. We leave the Cape at 4am on Friday. "Everything" is ready.
  17. What stinks is getting by CT, NY and past DC. After that it "should" be OK, I think. When those leveling jacks go down in FL so don't the shots!!!
  18. Getting ready for our longest road trip so far to FL. Still have 9 more days but very excited. Taking "some" of the grand kids to that Disney place, they won't know that until we pull into the parking lot. They will also be in another vehicle for the trip there and back. I don't know why but staying at a KOA after last seasons nightmare. Funny but they never sent the electric bill and we were there the entire season with AC blaring.
  19. Near Cape Cod? Don't tell anyone but I have 50amp and water on the side of the house.
  20. Wayne, You funny. I see in other posts you are always an accident of birth no matter what state!
  21. Currently 21 deg. here. Mother Nature isn't done with us yet.
  22. We will be taking our longest drive to FL in May. I already have anxiety.
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