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  1. Our wild game here in NH is people from MA crossing the border. Taste like pigeon, raw or cooked!
  2. I just got the FMCA mag so I will check it out. Just looking for a metal type carport cover. Oh and withstand NE winters. It would be nice to stuff the boat in there but that would make it like 70' long. I think just 40' would be good for 38' MH. David
  3. We are looking to get one of those carport thingies for the MH to put down the cape. It will be coastal and needs to withstand that type of weather. I see a lot advertised. Any recommendations for all who have one? Thanks. David
  4. Not sure about a DP but maybe need a tranny filter and fluid change. Tranny will generate more heat and transfer it to the engine. Happened in my truck only when towing boat. After changing all the coolant stuff that didn't change a thing went to the tranny and wala.
  5. Bill, Yes replacements will work better. The plastic that is faded out is under a glass cover. David
  6. My Merc gauges are in bad condition. They monitor almost everything. They work fine but you can barely see thru the lens now. I was going to try and change them out with new but didn't know if I could just plug em in. I finally found a place that will replace the lens a lot cheaper than new. No DIY for those units. David
  7. Officially canceled. We are taking the option same trip next year, 2021, at the same price.
  8. Anyone know a good Mercury Outboard techie? Want to replace 2002 smart craft gauges. Can’t see thru the lens anymore. Thanks, David
  9. I looked at the topic title and already had a list for me? But that wasn't being asked. CG in NH are packed also. We are still in vacation mode so we kinda sorta plan oua longa trips. This yeaa all our CGing has been in NH. "Rememba that the journey is the destination and enjoy the journey."- Wayne
  10. I rememba in boot camp standing at attention and reciting words with the accent in front of the platoon so the "southern" DI could have a good laugh. You wouldn't imagine how many times I said paak da caa. Even had to do it over the tank comm.
  11. So when my grand daughter says CAA CAA when driving it could mean either 2 things.......
  12. And then the railroad bridge comes down and you have to stop at 1/2 throttle or turn around.
  13. Taylor's Point.We are directly across the street from the Maritime Academy. Canal to the left, bay to the right and the marina very close. When in the canal during tide changes it can be creepy and pack spare shorts. I've been out there plenty of times and thought this was it. One of the reasons for a Boston Whaler. David
  14. Last week we purchased a small house in Bourne, MA. Already thinking set up for MH (ours)....lol
  15. I just called Fantasy to see about our Fall Harvest in Sept. Not official but the lady said it most likely will be canceled. Shoot, that would have been our 1st with them. No refund so we will just book next year same trip. David
  16. The Fall Harvest. Maine, NH and VT....lol.
  17. We have a Fantasy Tour scheduled for Sept. I'd better check on that one.
  18. Only 3 days to go. Yikes. I'll need a straight jacket. I just got all of us tickets for Clark's Trading Post, that will keep the kiddies busy for a day.
  19. I don't complain about gas mileage. Pedal to the metal and then some.
  20. Most or all campgrounds have NH residents only. I haven't seen any out of staters in the parks. All have been nice and quiet with us being an exception. David
  21. We've been going to every campground we can in NH on the weekends. Finding a lot of good finds. One is like 45 mins. away.
  22. We did a recon last weekend and stayed there. They changed the campground name to Adventure Bound. They are trying to clean it up as from what I heard was a wild place. Overall a nice place right on the banks of the Pemigewasset River. It was fairly empty. Management is very nice and helpful. Grandkids should have a good time. I just open all the kiddie stuff is open by July.
  23. You need a course for a boating license in NH that is required. I have all the safety items on board and then some. ++ on the life jackets! 21' Whaler, 20' + breakers and life jackets locked in cabin = pack clean shorts. Oh ya DW and daughter on board.......I prayed.
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