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  1. We are doing the Autumn Harvest Tour.....lol. Don't have far to drive as it is all in New England. We get to see some things we haven't since living around here most of our lives. I wanted to bring a couple of baskets of quahogs but the state closed the beds from all the rain. Hoggies don't like run off.
  2. Going on our 1st Fantasy Tour on Wednesday. I have no idea what to expect, I know we have plenty of food and margaritas.
  3. It's the only place I had to unbuckle my belt while I was eating.
  4. Not too far from Bill is: https://www.thenordic.com/ All the seafood you can eat. Only thing is $115 pp. I ate 8 lobsters there.
  5. I know Worden Pond, good bass fishing! As for those "hogs", we stuff, chowder, raw, casino, Portuguese stew, bait, etc. Mostly raw. When I dig DW still smashes them together and uses broken shell to scoop them out. We pretty much eat as "I" dig. Bill, Where's your next stop after Worden's?
  6. Found the sweet spot this weekend. A basket in 15 minutes. That's a record!
  7. Or I could be cheap, cut the hose and put an in line one in. Not really.
  8. Just took a looky. Looks like an easy procedure. I bypassed the pump and really good increase in H2O pressure. Imma gonna orda 2.
  9. We have our MH connected to the city water port. I noticed the fresh water tank overflowing. I drained it and it eventfully filled back up and overflowed. Is there some sort of a check valve somewhere between the fresh water tank and the city water? Thanks, David
  10. We are changing everything from NH to MA It all went well except for DW's car, no record of paying sales tax when we lived in MA previously. PIA now dealing with DOR. I got a sticker on the MH today, unlike NH needing an appointment and $70. Drove in and 10 minutes and $35 later it was done. NH's motto: "Live free or die". Hmmmmmm.
  11. Anyone here in the area for bike week in Laconia NH? I saw a couple of large MH toy haulers come in to KOA. Some nice rides came out of the back.
  12. DW never lets me off the leash. What really bothers me is the bark collar and electric fence.
  13. Maybe in the future. I will still probably use the tow dolly. We toad the queens Nissan now.
  14. Great, it needs it bad (like me), lol. When you wipe your hand on it now you get all that white oxidation.
  15. 2021 GMC Canyon AT4 High Elevation package. I had a 02 Avalanche since new but the New England winters did it in.
  16. So that Lucas Slick Mist must work on boats fairly well?
  17. Deb, Sounds like the KOA we are staying at but the management seems that they don't care. But it's the hack site not the kids and parents....yet. I very much dislike golf cart drivers unless it's is very much needed to get around. That is OK in my book. Sometimes when they are in front of me I think of "Shortround" in the Temple of Doom when he is driving the car and comes up to that rickshaw., if you have seen that movie.
  18. I was just doing the "or let's just talk" portion of the topic. I was just hoping for a quick yes or no answer.
  19. https://rvsalvage.com/inventory.html Most of these, if not all, used RV's here are ready to go. I'm always scanning their boat section for any deals.
  20. So if I get one of those screen rooms for the awning do I need to drill holes in the side of the MH
  21. Made me remember the "I Love Lucy" episode with the travel trailer.
  22. That was an interesting video to watch. I like seeing those "old day" campers. I did like the van camper with the cannon parked out front at the bridge.
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