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  1. Found a truck wash close by. Will do entire RV and undercarriage for $57. Just hope the roads don't get treated here before that. We don't have any snow now.
  2. I received a call that the MH roof has been replaced and expect it to come back next week. So it will be driven from IN to NH. Anyone between here and there chime in on the road conditions as far as road salt in concerned? I'm not sure what to do when it gets here and is half white.
  3. Ditto.....Sometimes you would like to give em a "blanket party"
  4. We could have been there at the same time.....You must have partied at the Armadillo Club
  5. Registered with Fantasy Tours and made the down payment. Geez there were only 6 spots left, yesterday it was all open.
  6. Just registered. Now to find out who else is going.
  7. So when you do these tours you just meet up at the designated place on the first day? Also coach is in the paint shop now, new roof is done, yahooooo.
  8. 1st time i saw this via email. Invite to a 12 day autumn harvest 9/2020. Probably gonna sign up but would like to find more intel. Anyone chime in. Sorry 1st trip like this.....
  9. If I were a Texan I would vote yes to save "Hippy Hollow" on Lake Travis.......Old hangout in the 70's
  10. I just got an email from FMCA Tour Connection. It's for Autumn Harvest, 12 days 9/16/20. Is there somewhere in the forums that these are discussed? Also an ad for "The RVers" w/ Fantasy Tours on PBS and Discovery premiering on 11/17
  11. The ol Heidi Bowl, lmao.....Go Raiders!
  12. lol @ dummy me. I was trying to make out what it said on the side of your coach then realized it was reflections of the windows... Nice shine!
  13. Better get a fistful of dollars! Actually that would make a great video.
  14. Yikes!!! The MH is getting the roof stripped today. I would like to see that.
  15. Imma going to get the Cabin Fever thread up. Since our MH is at the factory until who knows, the cabin fever has already hit me good. Must be because I put the boat way this weekend, now I have nothing but the DW wanting this, that and the other things done.
  16. How to stop or minimize that stuff sliding around? There are many items and ideas on stopping this. What have you done? There is a new product coming out that I think is superior to what your using.
  17. So where would I post or find info about stuff sliding around in cabinets?
  18. lol...if you want a little entertainment read the google reviews that are 1/5. Aye Carumba what have I done...... Jogi Bears Jellystoner Park in NH
  19. I need to find out how this campground is. I see mixed reviews. Maybe have to get 14 tracking devices to put on the grand kids AND the parents!
  20. I don't know what the hourly service rate is but I'm not going to find out yet.
  21. So get this, the washer/dryer combo is 2 years old (used 2 times). So I ask "dealer", Is it covered under warranty? Yikes! I would have to make an appointment after it comes back from new roof, re install the washer then they would evaluate to see if it's covered, if not I need to pay for the evaluation. I already took it apart and found the problem with the drain pump. I already found the replacement pump ($165) and it's like 15 min. to install. Funny is that you would have to remove it again to evaluate. Best just to say "F" it.
  22. Yikes!! It's Fall Foliage Madness in NH.
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