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  1. Just went from New Mexico to Atlanta, GA and back. FJ, TA, Petro, Loves all have higher fuel prices by $.08 to $.32/ gallon than some of the smaller chains and independents. We did see fuel prices as high as $2.689 in Atlanta. The lowest we paid was at a Krogers in Arkansas at $2.289/gal and the highest was in Amarillo, TX at the Loves at 2.589/gal. I found it lower away from the interstate but we would have had to drive enough distance that the $ savings on the fill-up would have been consumed by the additional distance traveled. Loves was right by the RV Park, by the way the Oasis RV Park there is super! $20.00/night for a class A decending to $17.00 and $15.00 depending on size/class. Third night FREE. No charge Laundry , All concrete pads and paved. Clean, clean clean. As for Fuel, what we like to do is find highways that parallel the interstate and travel them. It pretty consistantly take us by an independent that has lower prices and I like trading with the local folks as well PS I fueled just East of Albuquerque (home) for $2.509/gal just this afternoon at a Smith's Grocery. Nothing like the fuel prices this time last year where we saw fuel as high as $5.199 in the East
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