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  1. Thanks to all for your sage advice. We jumped in with both feet. Feel we got a pretty good deal financing with dealer. Much better interest rate than our bank could offer. We are now awaiting delivery so I can start training my kitties to ride with us.
  2. I guess it's going to get complicated! I sweating already...LOL Thanks.
  3. New to FMCA. We are retired and have just sold our oldie moldy 5th wheel and are now switching gears (no pun) to transition into a motor home. After looking for just the right mode of travel for 6 years we feel a MH is best for us at this time of life. But they are expensive! And we want to make the best possible deal. My questions is: Can you get a better price by negotiating your financing with the dealer or should we go for a loan from our financial institution (bank or investment mgr.). I know interest rates play into it obviously, but if we plan an early payoff the bottom line price is very important out of the gate. Any advice from experienced buyers gratefully accepted.
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