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  1. 2003 Monaco Dynasty Driver side slide will not move. Never had a problem with this slide until today. There are 3 hydraulic slides on this coach besides the bedroom slide which is electric. The passenger side slide and the generator slide both operate as designed operating the hydraulic pump and in/out solenoids. The drivers side slide makes no sound and no movement. The switch is located above the entry door less than 5 feet from the passenger side switch. The driver side switch does not activate the hydraulic pump or in/out solenoid valves. No pump, no movement.... right? I have checked all three fuses at the hydraulic pump. They are all good. The bay door switches operate the "slide out disable" relay in the rear low current box, left rear engine compartment. I know this because the passenger slide will not operate if any of the switched bay doors are open. I checked operation and continuity of the bay doors under the drivers side Slide with bay doors closed, all good. I even jumpered out all the bay door switches to ensure no intermittent open switches with no change. I found drawings indicating 4 weather-capped fuses associated with the 3 slides and power to the pump. I have only found 3 under the coach at the hydraulic pump which all check good with a meter and have voltage at the fuses. House batteries were over 4 years old and not holding a charge. I replaced the batteries and now fully charged.... still no go. Is there a fuse or 78a relay I am missing for this slide?
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