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  1. After delivery of my new 2016 Smart I noted that the manual prohibits flat towing the unit in excess of 30mph for a max distance of 30 miles.. I called the dealer, who had told me prior to the sale that flat towing was no problem, and asked him to clarify the manual statement and asked for a cancellation of the sale and reimbursement of money. After some extensive correspondence with the dealer, the US Mercedes rep. and the factory, I received the following Email. Quote "Subject: RE: The Owners Manual provided with my 2016 Smart car states that one should not... [Incident: 160702-000009] Gentlemen, I just received the following from Product Management: this is an ongoing topic. The bad news: it is correct that the current owners manual states that the smart fortwo can only be towed in emergencies (the 30 miles). The good news: we have received confirmation/approval from Germany that the smart fortwo CAN be flat-towed over longer distances (like behind an RV). Germany is currently working on the exact wording for the owners manual and the instructions, which we expect by the end of this month. Important: the car needs a DCT – the manual das not work. Is that the case for this customer? If so, he can use his car for towing and it will be fine. More information to follow very soon – we will send around communication once we have received the final instructions by Germany." Unquote
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